April 15, 2009

A Few Speed Bumps

To keep track of the finances and such with Mr. M's business, we were originally planning on just using Numbers, which is part of the iWork software for the Mac. Apparently, our tax advisor said that wasn't good enough and we needed to get Quickbooks. Oh, and open a business account. So, we got Quickbooks, and that's as far as we've gotten. It asks all these crazy questions when you create a new business profile, and I believe it was the fourth question we got to before we gave up and realized we need to talk to our tax person again. Yay for Quickbooks we can't use yet.

In the meantime, Mr. M developed a serious muscle spasm in his back. He stands all crooked right now. It takes a lot for him to want to see a doctor, and yesterday must have been enough because he saw a doctor, got some good meds, and will start physical therapy this afternoon. So, he's now struggling with his back, plus the mentality that he's just not pulling his weight and that he's letting me down. Which he's totally not at all. I think it's God's way of telling him to take it easy for a bit.

On a good note. He finished his first job the other week. I'll post some pictures later on. And, he just got another contract signed this past weekend, plus two other people that are interested in him doing some work. So, things are already looking up as far as work for his business goes, and I'm very happy for that. Mr. M puts a lot of pressure on himself as being the provider for us, but since work has been slow for him lately, he's really been struggling with that. Now, all he's struggling with, regarding work at least, is when he's going to stop helping this other guy out and branch off on his own. Oh, to learn to balance...

This weekend is our one-year wedding anniversary! We're keeping it simple for the day of our anniversary purely because a week and a half after that, we'll be headed to the Outer Banks for a friend's wedding/anniversary trip. And I can't wait for our big, huge, cake top to get out of our freezer!!

I'm hoping to start posting pictures soon. I've just been too lazy with the camera lately. There's just way too much going on right now, and it's exponentially more than what I've written about here.

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