May 18, 2009

His First Huge Job!

I am so pumped for Mr. M right now. He has a friend that had asked him to put up a wall in their house to divide one bedroom into two, and take another wall down to extend a closet. That was a pretty small job for Mr. M, and I think he's just about finished with it. Because he's just starting his business, it's a little more difficult to find jobs right now, especially with the way the economy is. But, as of this weekend, Mr. M had informed me that his friend wants to put a huge deck with a porch on the back of his house. And he wants Mr. M to do it for him! That is a huge job! And it's great for Mr. M in that he'll have something like that under his belt when it comes to his company. Keep your fingers crossed that this friend likes Mr. M's bid for the job!

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