May 26, 2009

Post-Holiday Weekend Relaxededness

No, that is not a real word in my title, but I like the sound of it. I really enjoyed my 3-day weekend. I had a lot of time to do things I enjoy doing, for once. I'm normally running around doing Bible studies here, ball games there, various parties over there, and so on. But, this weekend was a weekend where (with the exception of our god-daughter's 1st birthday party), Mr. M and I did whatever we wanted. We were able to squeeze in a ton of relaxation, and were even able to go various places and just walk around and enjoy each other. I was also able to start organizing my cross-stitch that still needs to be framed, paired up potential frames with different pieces, poked around Goodwill and various other stores for frames (I'd rather buy secondhand than pay a ton for a frame), and started the custom piece I just recently designed. That's in addition to organizing all of our paperwork from previous years, and getting some kind of organization started with Mr. M's business paperwork. I feel very accomplished, yet very relaxed and rejuvenated.

Mr. M worked a little bit yesterday so he could get an inspector in to look at his framing. He needs the inspector before he starts laying deck boards. He's building a huge deck right now, 16 x 32 feet, and part of it will be screened in with a roof. And Mr. M is doing it all on his own. It's his first huge job, and he's pumped that it will be something substantial that he can show he's done.

While Mr. M was working yesterday, one of the neighbors stopped by to talk to him, and he now has potentially two other jobs. Yay for Mr. M! It's one of those things with your own business where you never really know if you're going to have something else to work on when you finish your current project. I'll probably always be a little nervous about that uncertainty, but the Lord definitely provides when we need it most. And so far, that's the way it's been for us. And I am very thankful for that.

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