June 8, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller - Perideau Designs

Today's featured Etsy seller, Bridgett, from Perideau Designs, makes some really cute cards and prints.  I had the pleasure of buying these Mother's Day cards from her, which were a huge hit with my mom and mother-in-law.

My mom didn't even get past the front of the card before she had tears running down her face! So, they were definitely a great purchase!

Here's a look into the life of Bridgett, of Perideau Designs.  I hope you enjoy!

Tell a little about yourself.
I'm a wife and mother to a 20 month old baby girl.  I split my time between working in the corporate world 40 hours a week, to managing my stationery business basically when I can, and enjoy family time.  I love working out, cooking and baking, and, of course, shopping.

When did you open your Etsy shop?
March 6, 2009

What inspired the name of your shop?
I wanted a business name that not only was significant to me, but fared well audibly and visually.  I loved how the August birthstone, peridot (which is mine), sounded but didn't like how it looked.  So after many adjustments Perideau Designs was born.

Do you have any advice for fledgeling shop owners such as myself?
Don't get discouraged.  At times I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, but in those down times, try to work on new designs, ad campaigns, etc.  Treat what you do as a true business while still maintaining the integrity and personality of a small business.  It's all about balancing the two.  And most importantly, truly enjoy what you do and it will show.

Do you have a blog?

What was the reason for you to start a blog?
I love purchasing something from someone and then go and read a little about them personally and how they run their shops.  I feel like I really get to know them.  So that's why I started mine, but it has also led me to form on-line relationships with people which I absolutely love.

How do you deal with the ups and downs of retail in handmade sales?
It was really tough at first waiting for that first sale, then not having another for a few days or weeks.  But it seemed to be the norm on Etsy, so I took the down time to work on designs, network on-line, and just to enjoy the down time while I had it.

What is your favorite color, food, and person?
My all time favorite color is green, but I'm digging the color of the year, marigold.  I love sushi, and person would have to be my dad.  I wish I had an ounce of his patience, wisdom, and love for life.

Do you have a favorite item in your shop?  What inspired you to create it?
Interesting question.  I would have to say one of my newest designs, the Happy Birthday enclosure.  It really just dawned on me one day and was so easy to create.  Almost like why didn't I think of that sooner?

Are there any random facts about yourself that you'd like to share?
Oh, hahaha...this could be dangerous.  But, I'll say when I was younger and eating breakfast, my syrup ran into my eggs.  I became so grossed out I stopped eating syrup for years, but still ate pancakes.  One year in college I decided to give it a try and now I'm back eating syrup, on a separate plate from everything else, of course.

How long after opening your Etsy shop did you have your first customer?
I actually had a customer on the first day and I was so excited.  I have an e-newsletter and someone on my list went to purchase something.  It made me feel so good.

Do you have a job separate from Etsy?
Yup, I work in the corporate 5 days a week.

How do you promote your work?
Right now I twitter a lot, have an e-newsletter, and have purchased ad space on blogs.  I'll probably stick with that for a while.  But, I do have 2 craft fairs coming up so that'll be in-life promotion.

What are your three favorite Etsy shops?

What is your favorite small pleasure?
Hmmm...Right now I'd have to say these brownies from Whimsy and Spice.  They were out of this world.

What are a few of the goals you have for your future and how do you plan on making them a reality?
I want to start organizing my designs and offering "lines" and be able to offer wholesale.  After attending this year's National Stationery Show, it solidified what I want to do and hopefully being an exhibitor next year is in the cards.  How I plan on doing that?  Be more organized and self-disciplined.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Thanks, Bridgett, for the great interview!  And thanks for some of the great links, especially about your best piece of advice.  That's something I will be taking to heart, and definitely showing Mr. M.  

Bridgett definitely has some great work, and her shop is one I hope to visit frequently.  Other than the Mother's Day cards I've purchased from her, my favorite pieces from her shop would be the Personalized Giraffe and Owl prints.  

Oh, how I could envision them in a nursery!  A nursery a few years from now for Mr. M and me! There are several different color options you can choose from, too, so they would match almost any kind of decor.

Only one more featured Etsy seller to go.  Stay tuned for next Monday's feature!


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  2. very interesting , thanks for sharing ... I love Bridgett's work ... and now feel like I know here a little moore :)


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