August 6, 2009

Something Roomy: Southern Living's Georgia Idea House

Seriously, that is our dream home. We both love the Craftsman style and want something mostly on one level. This house has three levels, though. The main floor, what Southern Living calls a 'retreat' on the upper level, and several bedrooms and a family room on the lower level. And the two lower levels also have some serious porches off the back!

Yes, this is Southern Living's Georgia Idea House, and if you're in the Dahlonega, GA area, you should totally check it out! Too bad I live to far away to warrant a vacation just to see this house. In the meantime, I'll just drool over the pictures.

Dining Room

Multi-purpose Room


Guest Bedroom

Master Bathroom

This whole house is drool-worthy! So full of inspiration, too! Check out the complete slideshow here.

All photos from Southern Living.

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