August 17, 2009

Something Yummy

So this isn't particularly yummy in the edible category, but it's definitely yummy in the food for my sole category. Get it? Sole? Like sole of your shoe?

Okay, I digress...

I don't normally lust after material things. I'm normally bothered by how many people think they need things, when they really just want things. But, today, I shall not be bothered by that, because I am now officially in the same category as them. I will only be in that category today (or maybe until I get them) as I show you this pair of awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, I-gotta-have-them shoes. And yes, to me, they are yummy!

I got this picture from the Real Simple website, but I had also seen it in my newest Marie Claire magazine. They're made by Calvin Klein, and are available in pony hair, soft nappa/patent, and shiny nappa/ stretch satin. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any other information on these shoes, yet, so if anybody knows anything, can I know, too?

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