August 5, 2009

When one door closes...

Another one opens!

Last night was a testament to that saying!

It starts out that the night before Mr. M came home from work and mentioned how he was having trouble getting his truck to downshift on his way home. Now, I must say that I've had a feeling his truck had been on the fritz for a while, and it was only a matter of time before something was going to happen. It does have over 220,000 miles on it! We talked to several different family members that night to try to figure out what could be wrong. After several suggestions, Mr. M figures he'll go outside and tinker around.

The next thing I hear are gears grinding. Not a good thing. At all. Mr. M managed to take the truck around the block, but I guess he felt he was in a rodeo because the truck was bucking all over the place.

Now, this is where we came to a crossroads. Did we want to put money back into his old truck, his dear White Pony? Or did we want to try to find something used, or maybe new with all the incentives available right now? Did we want to try to fix the White Pony and stay with a small truck, or did we want to try to upgrade to a full-sized truck? We had a lot of questions that night!

To fix the White Pony, it would have cost us more than what the truck was worth. So, I took off work the next day to be Mr. M's right-hand woman. We got some money out of the bank to either by a truck outright, or put down some money on financing. We talked with a loan guy at our bank, and he gave us some really good insight. Thank you, Jorge! We got back into my little car and sat there for a few seconds wondering what to do next.

First stop, new car dealers, preferably Toyota and Ford. It was rather disheartening, though, as even the most basic full-sized work trucks were being sold new for about $22,000 or more. More cost at Toyota, of course. That took up half our morning.

Oh, did I mention that Mr. M was supposed to meet with a client that evening and get materials to start a job? Without a truck at this point? Yeah, we were scrambling.

Next stop, home for lunch. We looked online at several local used car dealers, but they really didn't have anything that Mr. M was looking for. So we ate our sandwiches and said a prayer. Then I started thinking, 'You know, the good Lord always works things out at the last minute.'

Next stop, a local used truck dealer, specializing in commercial trucks and vans. We had seen a '92 F-150 with decent mileage there before, and the price was good (we could pay for it fully), but we never took it for a test drive. As soon as we pulled out of the lot with this truck, I knew it wasn't a good thing. It honestly sounded like every bump we went over was going to make the windshield pop off. Then, Mr. M (bless his brave soul) decided to take the truck on the highway. Let me just say that my father has always had older vehicles, but this was the first one I really didn't feel comfortable, let alone safe, in. Mr. M could even wiggle the steering wheel without the truck responding at all! Scary! After we pulled back into the lot, we left there rather quickly.

Last stop, not even a planned one. Mr. M was getting ready to turn onto our street to head back home, but instead drove past and pulled into another local used car dealer that had a full-sized F-150 with a cap on the lot. Originally, he wasn't going to get out of the car to take a look, but I somehow convinced him to. We test drove it, and Mr. M loved it. We pulled a few strings, chit-chatted with the sales people, and Mr. M pulled off the lot in his new-for-us White Stallion. Oh, and only a half hour before he was supposed to meet with his client.

Now we have to figure out what to do with the White Pony.

Sorry for such a long post! I'm just so happy that things worked out and Mr. M is a very happy camper!

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