September 17, 2009

Something Pretty: Cute Fall Shoes

I love heels. They give me height that I ordinarily lack. They make my legs look sexy. They let me get closer to Mr. M's face to give him big smooches.

Heels don't love me. As much as I'd love to wear heels every day, my feet remind me that I'm just not as young and cushioned as I used to be. The balls of my feet scream. My calves get tight. The pain is enough to wear me out for a good day or two.

I don't like flats. I have high arches and narrow heels. They make my feet hurt and give me blisters on my heels. And on my toes, too. They're just no fun for me.

I needed cute and comfortable shoes that I can wear to work, especially for when the weather gets cooler. I could wear sneakers, but that's really not professional, although some people around my workplace have no problems wearing Birkenstocks year-round.

That's where these cuties come in.

Now I have just a little bit of height, a little bit of dressy, and a whole lot of cute!

Buy them here and here.


  1. I love those, especially the black ones! I don't care what anyone says, Payless is one of the best places for shoes~ cheap and cute!

  2. I couldn't agree more about Payless! I don't wear things very hard, so Payless shoes last me forever.

  3. I think we are feet twins... I also have high arches and narrow heels! All of my flats flip off my my heel and provide no support, and heels are impossible to wear for work or walking around the city. I use arch supports (who cares if I'm like a grandma) and I love flats with straps, or a little wedge like the ones you showed here. Love it! Check out my post on some shoes for gals like us here:



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