September 28, 2009

Something Random: I Digress

I like pigs. I always have. They look happy all the time, like they're always smiling. Plus, how could anybody resist cute little pink piglets? Or, this little cutie below?

My parents obviously know I like pigs. My whole family does. Even my in-laws know. When my in-laws were in town for a few days, my mom-in-law and I decided to play this little piggy game my parents bought me. I don't ever remember what it's called, but the whole idea is to get to 100 points first by rolling two itty-bitty rubber pigs. Depending on the way they land will determine how many points you get.

This is an example of a leaning joweler. It gives you a good amount of points. It's hard to get, but it's definitely worth it when you do. And, no, this was not posed, this was rolled, and I had to get the shot. I'm surprised it came out so clear, though, because at this point in the game, my mom-in-law and I were laughing uncontrollably.

And this is me with my snouter. Another good position to land your piggy. And no, no alcohol was used in the making of this seriously silly post or the pictures shown. This is evidence of all-natural silliness.

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