September 24, 2009

Something Roomy: Adventures in Flooring

This post is long overdue. Blame my laziness with my photos for that one.

This is where I spent the beginning of Labor Day weekend. My parents, cousins, and aunt and uncle all got their heads together to have a huge yard sale. Many thanks to my Dad's friend for letting them borrow the huge tent. Mr. M and I didn't make a whole lot from the sale, but I definitely had fun spending time with family members I don't get to see very often.

This was apparently the star of the yard sale. I think it's safe to say that anybody that walked past it had to either point it out to somebody else or stand and take a good gander at it. Originally, my mom planted this lovely pumpkin thinking it was a zucchini. My, that's quite a large 'zucchini' you have there!

While my mom and I were manning the yard sale outside, this is what Mr. M was up to inside the house. My parents asked him if he could put hardwood floors in their house. The first step before any hardwood could be laid down was to level the floors. My parents' house is over 100 years old, so it's obvious the floors weren't level. When Mr. M discovered they were about two inches out of level, he decided it was best to rip up the entire floor, all the way down to the joist, and rebuild the entire floor. I think my mom had an aneurism at this point.

And that's my mom's lovely leather couch getting all kinds of dust on it. I think this is when she had another aneurism.

And check out the glorious 'after'! These pictures definitely don't do the floors any justice. My camera was a freebie. What can I expect? Also, none of the house was straight, so Mr. M had to figure out how to lay the flooring without it looking completely crooked along the walls. He did an awesome job and even cut pieces to fit around the archway that my parents couldn't believe he cut.

That's Mr. M giving his Popeye thumbs-up on perfectly level floors. He called it Popeye. I'm really not sure what he looks like.

As an aside, I believe this flooring experience was a monumental event in the relationship between Mr. M and my father. My father is used to doing things on his own and not asking for help. But, he completely left the whole flooring job up to Mr. M, and I really think they bonded over all of it. Yay for dad and son-in-law bonding!

Speaking of bonding, my father decided to start rewiring the room for their entertainment system, and Mr. M helped. He was getting tired and a bit punchy, so he started doing some goofy stuff that only Mr. M could do. Below are a few images from this, and I had to make it look as horror movie-ish as possible, just for fun.

Oh, no, Mr. M! Don't let the creature pull you into the wall!

Fight with all your might!

The End.


  1. I huge family garage sale. Amazing. I would have loved to attend!

    The floors look amazing. Bravo!

  2. Great photo's you really get a feel for what a big job this ended up being - your mom must have gotten the shock of her life seeing the flooring all ripped up like that. The results are awesome I'm sure everyone is satisfied!

  3. Thanks! Before Mr. M even started on the job, he was somewhat hoping he'd have to rip up the floor and start from scratch. But, we weren't really sure what he would be getting into. He was overjoyed when he realized they'd have to tear everything up. I guess that's more fun to him, so I'm glad he enjoyed it.


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