October 4, 2009

Braggin' On My Hubby

Just because I can, I'm going to brag on Mr. M. He's off at a meeting with some homeowners right now about a potentially huge job, and in honor of that, I had to post some pictures of his completed work. He loves, loves, loves his job, and takes great pride in all that he does. Enjoy a few of his creations below.

I know you've seen this picture before, but I'm so proud I had to post it again. It's amazing how he cut some of these floorboards to fit around areas that normal people would think weren't even possible to work with.

This sunroom has a deck to the right of it. It's gorgeous, but because Mr. M still hasn't completely mastered holding a camera still, all we have are blurry photos of the rest of the deck. I need to learn him a thing or two.

Take note in the above picture to the perfectly straight line of nails. Well, if you can see them. It's there, I swear. He's sick like that.

This is inside of a sunroom.

And another deck. He loves doing things out of the ordinary. It gives him a challenge, which he loves. He's sick like that, too.

Mr. M is still learning the ropes of the internet and social networking. We're in the process of getting a Facebook page for his business, and once he does, I'll have a button off to the side. So keep an eye out for it!

And, as a shameless plug, if you're in Maryland, and love Mr. M's work like I do (but I guess I'm pretty biased, too), let me know and I'll give you his contact info.

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