October 24, 2009

Quite random, but it suits Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite time of year. In fact, I don't even decorate for it. Maybe I don't like it because I'm a Christian and feel there's too much focus on evil and kids dressing up in inappropriate costumes.

This year, Halloween was a tad different for me. Only because I had my very own live creepy-crawly as temporary decor. It's called a wheel bug, and is absolutely the most ugly bug I've seen in my life!


This little bugger (or shall I say big?) was almost 2 inches long! It's in the family of assassin bugs, which eat other pesty bugs, but they can also bite if you mess with them. And if they bite, apparently, it could take up to 6 months for it to heal. That doesn't sound like fun to me!

I happened upon him (I'll call him Ted), a few nights ago, and at first thought it was a spider because it was kind of dark at the bottom of our steps where he was hanging out. If Ted were a spider, he would not have been hanging out in that nice little glass he's in above.

I wasn't brave enough to take pictures of Ted without the glass around him, so I apologize for the bit of blur. But, I did take enough pictures that Ted may have thought he finally had made his break in modeling, with this being some kind of photo shoot. After the photo shoot was over (or maybe it was Mr. M getting fed up with how many photos I was taking), Mr. M bravely took Ted outside and dumped him in the grass.

My mom is in town visiting, and I told her about Ted the first day she was here. I don't think she understood the magnitude of my encounter with Ted, or his size and ugliness. Well, lucky for Mom, Ted somehow found his way back inside our house. She was both utterly horrified and fascinated all at the same time! So, Ted had another photo shoot before I had to muster up some bravery to throw him back outside myself. I threw him out much farther than Mr. M had previously, just to be sure he wasn't coming back.

So, Ted was my Halloween decor this year. That was enough for me.

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