November 4, 2009

My Very Own Upholstery Project!

IY projects normally are not my forte. I tend to feel pretty clumsy and awkward when it comes to anything crafty not consisting of cross-stitch. I have been brave at times, such as when I created my necklace storage, but that's been about the extent of it. I read about how people create beautiful pieces of furniture by refinishing them, reupholstering them, and so on, and definitely figured that would never happen with me in this lifetime. But, it has, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Let me begin by saying my dining room chairs were pretty sad. Think college days. We don't want to invest in a whole new dining room set, yet, because we want to be sure that whatever we have will fit into our new home once we are able to buy one. So this is what we have been living with.

Those plastic folding chairs are pretty classy, huh? We love having people over for dinner, but after we invite them, I start to regret it because I know everybody will be sitting on the classy plastic. And, it does not help that they are the kind of chairs that you have to be sure you don't tip over because they definitely are not very sturdy.

That is where my local Salvation Army saved the day. For the few years that I have lived in the area, I never once got to look in the Salvation Army. I have frequently visited the Goodwill down the street from our house, but the Salvation Army was a few minutes' drive and sort of out of the way. My mom was in town to visit this past week, and I took a day off to go shopping with her. We were headed to a different shop in the same shopping center as the Salvation Army, and at the last minute, I decided we would stop at the Salvation Army, too. It's a good thing we did because I found these beauties waiting in the back of the store for me! And yes, I used plural because there were six of them!

When I saw the wood and lines of the chairs, I knew I had to have them. The fabric left something to be desired, especially since it was also covered in plastic. This left me to initially think that this was the original fabric.

My mom's eyes lit up, as did mine. We sat in all six of those chairs at the store, just to be sure they would not fall apart on us. All of them were so sturdy! Several needed to be glued in a few spots, but we both saw the potential in them. Especially since they only cost me $49.99!!! For all six chairs!

Mr. M picked them up that evening after he came home from work. I think he was a bit unsure about them at first. The look on his face when he was helping to bring them inside was priceless! But, my mom and I had new upholstery fabric all lined up and ready to cover these treasures that were now ours.

We began wondering what era they are from, considering the slight curves on the front legs, plus the curve in the back. Also, we discovered that lovely floral fabric was not the original. We're thinking maybe the fabric below was, because directly underneath it was old-school cotton batting. There were no markings on the chairs to tell us where they came from, either.

Mom and I got busy right away. We had six chairs to reupholster in only a few days. This is the fabric we chose, which works nicely with the red and blue I hope to have in my kitchen someday. Also, if I need to pull a few chairs into our living room, they will coordinate really nicely in there, too.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are the Before and After pictures! Yay!



And, to show you how much more grown-up our dining table looks:



I am so happy with my find! And Mr. M now likes them, too! I knew he would. He just doesn't have that vision like so many of us bloggers do!

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