November 3, 2009

Shop, Swap, and Blog - Hurray Kimmay!

Structured Chaos hosted a really great event called Shop, Swap, and Blog. As a participant, I was assigned a partner with which we would swap items from our Etsy shops, then blog about what we received. My partner was Kimberly Arce of Hurray Kimmay!, and not only did we become partners for this swap, but I believe we've also become e-mail buddies, too. I'm all about meeting new people, and I've really enjoyed working/jibber-jabbering with Kim for this Shop, Swap, and Blog event! Yay!

There was no limit on what the swappers could send in their lovely packages, and I was quite surprised to find so much fun stuff in my package from Kim, notecards, clips, earrings, and ornaments. Oh my! What fun! Everything was packaged so nicely, as you can see above and in the following pictures, and you can tell a lot of time and care was put into each one. I even loved that Kim put cute little stickers on the back of some of the packages!

And I am still totally gushing over this ribbon! The contents of this bag were several fun business cards and a personal note to me.

I love all of the items Kim sent me, and it's hard to choose which one I'll go into detail about first, so I'll start with the mittens, which were custom-made just for me! They're hand-embroidered and are made of felted, old sweaters. These are one of Kim's newest endeavors, and I think they are a great addition to what she has to offer.

Kim also sent me these earrings. She asked me what kind of colors I like and what I'm interested in, and she created these gems especially for me based on what I told her. They even have little felted beads on them. How fun!

Kim currently offers these adorable leaf clips in her shop. You must check them out! They are so versatile, and I can't stop thinking of places where I can use them. Cute, cute, cute! My mom was in town visiting when I got my package from Kim, and I think she was seriously eyeballing these for herself! idea, anybody?

And, last but not least, are two lovely handmade note cards. The one is perfect for Christmas, uses vintage 1943 book paper, and I love the little Christmas tree on it! The other is perfect for anytime. I can't wait to use them!

And here is a bit more about the sweet person behind these great items!

About me...

I grew up near Rochester, NY but have lived in New York City for just over six years. I went to school for Musical Theatre and just recently signed with a legit acting agency. I was working full time in high-end retail for years (I even got to be on Martha Stewart and Tim Gunn’s Guide to style while I was working for La Perla!), and it was about time that I made the dive into a more creative endeavor. The decision was made for me when I was laid off in June. I have been taking the time to explore this wonderful city, my creative side, and my frugal side! I love crafting and have been making earrings and cards since High School, but I never thought I would actually sell them. I take after my Mom who had always been really crafty. She made my clothes when I was young, we always made home decorations, and now she has her own quilting studio! I love animals, especially my lovely kitty, Bella. I live with my wonderful boyfriend who is also an actor. And I believe in the importance of recycling, repurposing, and upcycling. Many of my supplies have been collected over the years, and I try to get creative about finding them. I love using something in a different way than it was initially intended to be used. I also try to package things using newspaper, and left over boxes.

What made you start your business?

I started this business because I was laid off and needed some extra cash, but more importantly, needed to tap into something that was both creative and fulfilling. I love little things that brighten my day, and I wanted to share that with other people. I named my shop Hurray Kimmay! because I want people to feel excited about my things, just like I do! I really love all the things I make and I hope they bring a smile to each person’s face. And my name is Kimberly Arce. (That’s AR-say…it’s Spanish for Maple). I grew up knowing a lot of other Kims, so I was always Kim A. Eventually, that got turned into Kimmay.

What do you hope to accomplish with your business?

I hope to accomplish a real sense of self-satisfaction, but also want to help satisfy other peoples’ need for fun and interesting (and affordable) things. I want to spread the word about the handmade movement, and encourage others to think responsibly about our Earth and our society’s well-being.

What is your favorite online shop?

I can’t pick just one shop! But if I had to, I guess it would be Made By Girl, by Jennifer Ramos. She has simple graphic designs and bold and bright d├ęcor.

Thanks, Kim, for being such a great swap partner!

Being the wonderful person that she is, Kim is offering 10% off all purchases from her shop (not including shipping) through December 1, 2009. Just enter in the 'Comments to Seller' section that you heard about the promotion through this post and the words 'HURRAY SWAP!'.

You must check out Kim's shop, Hurray Kimmay!, and her blog, too!

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  1. Love the leaf pins, I'd put them in my hair...

  2. Happy that she was able to find a creative outlet after unemployment :)

    And, what a precious package!! My fave is the little mittens :D

  3. Thanks and Thanks and Thanks!

  4. What a colorful and festive array of items! I bet that was fun to open up! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. those mittens are too cute!! What great packaging!


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