October 24, 2009

Quite random, but it suits Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite time of year. In fact, I don't even decorate for it. Maybe I don't like it because I'm a Christian and feel there's too much focus on evil and kids dressing up in inappropriate costumes.

This year, Halloween was a tad different for me. Only because I had my very own live creepy-crawly as temporary decor. It's called a wheel bug, and is absolutely the most ugly bug I've seen in my life!


This little bugger (or shall I say big?) was almost 2 inches long! It's in the family of assassin bugs, which eat other pesty bugs, but they can also bite if you mess with them. And if they bite, apparently, it could take up to 6 months for it to heal. That doesn't sound like fun to me!

I happened upon him (I'll call him Ted), a few nights ago, and at first thought it was a spider because it was kind of dark at the bottom of our steps where he was hanging out. If Ted were a spider, he would not have been hanging out in that nice little glass he's in above.

I wasn't brave enough to take pictures of Ted without the glass around him, so I apologize for the bit of blur. But, I did take enough pictures that Ted may have thought he finally had made his break in modeling, with this being some kind of photo shoot. After the photo shoot was over (or maybe it was Mr. M getting fed up with how many photos I was taking), Mr. M bravely took Ted outside and dumped him in the grass.

My mom is in town visiting, and I told her about Ted the first day she was here. I don't think she understood the magnitude of my encounter with Ted, or his size and ugliness. Well, lucky for Mom, Ted somehow found his way back inside our house. She was both utterly horrified and fascinated all at the same time! So, Ted had another photo shoot before I had to muster up some bravery to throw him back outside myself. I threw him out much farther than Mr. M had previously, just to be sure he wasn't coming back.

So, Ted was my Halloween decor this year. That was enough for me.

October 23, 2009

My photo on another blog!

My, I'm turning into quite the photographer. I know I've posted this photo before, but I had to post it again because I'm just so excited. I love reading Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Woman. She cracks me up, I love her recipes, and I love her photos! Anyway, she occasionally calls for submissions of photos fitting a particular category/feature, and recently it was for photos with rounded corners. On a whim, I submitted my photo, and she's posted it on her blog. How cool is that?!

There are a ton of cool photos, so make sure you go check them out!

October 13, 2009

Time Off

I just wanted to let you know that I've received some news that I'm having trouble digesting. My posting may be sporadic, but, well, I guess it already has been anyway. I'll still be around, and as soon as I can, I will be back and posting diligently. I promise!

October 7, 2009

Something Etsy: I Won!

I just got a message from Katy Mims at Southpaw Studios telling me I won the giveaway she was holding on her blog! I am so excited! Now I have a $25 gift certificate to use in her shop. And I absolutely love her jewelry, so that's even more exciting!

Because I'm so undecided, I'd love for you to help me pick something from her shop. Here are the favorites I have in mind. Leave a comment and let me know which piece you think I should pick. Here they are, in no particular order:

I'm leaning toward the yellow earrings, but I've also been jonesing for some more color in my jewelry choices, particularly more reds and pinks. But, I love yellow oh so much, too! Help me decide!

October 6, 2009

Something Yummy: Hot, Cold Weather Drinks

It's getting to be that time of year (and probably is that time for some) when all I can think of are cozy sweaters, fuzzy blankets, cold feet stashed in slippers, and hot drinks in big mugs.

Lately, Mr. M has been making vanilla coffee, half regular and half decaf. It's been my perfect nightcap when we're snuggled up on the couch while watching our favorite television shows. At the same time, I really enjoy my hot, green tea that I drink like a fiend at the office. It keeps me all sorts of warm when the AC is still on in the building, even though it's 30 degrees outside.

What is your favorite go-to hot drink for the cooler months?

October 5, 2009

You Must Vote! Pretty Please!

An old high school friend of mine has an absolutely adorable daughter. She was a preemie and went through a tough beginning of her life. All is well now, though, and she's the cutest kid ever! Well, I say that sparingly because I know a lot of cute kids, and I wouldn't want them to feel like they're any less cute.

Anyway, she's been entered into the Gap Casting Call and we need your votes! You have to register to vote, but it's quick and painless. I promise! In order for her to become a finalist, she needs to get lots and lots of votes.

Come on! How could you resist a face like that? Go here to vote! And don't forget to come back and vote every 24 hours! Just look at that face!

Oh, and if you have the time, I'd love it if you could spread the word and post about her on your own blog. I'd love to see her become a finalist!

Something Roomy: DIY Jewelry Hanger Update

As promised, here's an update on my jewelry hanger. I had been holding out on buying a cork board for a while just because I'm cheap and didn't want to pay full price for a cork board with the nice espresso-colored frame. As luck would have it, my mom was getting rid of a corkboard at the yard sale I helped with. I waited until the end just to give other people a chance to buy it if they wanted it, but I wound up with it in the end. And my mom refused to let me pay for it. Soa free corkboard is the best deal, yet! Then, while Mr. M was still working on my parents' hardwood floors, my mom and I got to poke around the few shops (like 4) that were in town. I found the fabric at Walmart for a dollar, then got some grosgrain (is that how you spell it?) ribbon for a few cents, and a bottle of no-sew fabric glue. Total cost for the jewelry hanger? Less than five dollars! And it helps that I already had clear push-pins at home.

Here's a close-up of the board as it was drying.

I used the ribbon around the edges to cover up the raw edge of the fabric. The frame color is how it was when I got it from my Mom, and I think it works pretty nicely with the other colors in the fabric and ribbon.

Here it is as the finished product, with my pretties hanging from it. They're very happy in their new home! Or, would it be on their new home?

And here's the before and after of the sad little corner in my bedroom where the jewelry hanger now resides. I still think it's rather sad. Lol!

Before (sorry for the huge difference in picture size. My Mac doesn't like to resize photos properly in Blogger):


Like I said, still a little sad. But, I'm very happy with it anyway. I enjoy seeing my necklaces every morning when I'm deciding how to accessorize. It makes life so much easier!

So what do you think? Have you finished any DIY projects lately that you'd like to share?

October 4, 2009

Braggin' On My Hubby

Just because I can, I'm going to brag on Mr. M. He's off at a meeting with some homeowners right now about a potentially huge job, and in honor of that, I had to post some pictures of his completed work. He loves, loves, loves his job, and takes great pride in all that he does. Enjoy a few of his creations below.

I know you've seen this picture before, but I'm so proud I had to post it again. It's amazing how he cut some of these floorboards to fit around areas that normal people would think weren't even possible to work with.

This sunroom has a deck to the right of it. It's gorgeous, but because Mr. M still hasn't completely mastered holding a camera still, all we have are blurry photos of the rest of the deck. I need to learn him a thing or two.

Take note in the above picture to the perfectly straight line of nails. Well, if you can see them. It's there, I swear. He's sick like that.

This is inside of a sunroom.

And another deck. He loves doing things out of the ordinary. It gives him a challenge, which he loves. He's sick like that, too.

Mr. M is still learning the ropes of the internet and social networking. We're in the process of getting a Facebook page for his business, and once he does, I'll have a button off to the side. So keep an eye out for it!

And, as a shameless plug, if you're in Maryland, and love Mr. M's work like I do (but I guess I'm pretty biased, too), let me know and I'll give you his contact info.

October 2, 2009

Enjoy your weekend!

apple pie w/ candied ginger, originally uploaded by hungrygirl*.

As the fall weather settles in nicely, I'm inspired to start baking again. There's something comforting about having a warm oven with smells of baked goods emanating from it while it's crisp and cool outside.

Will you be baking anything good this weekend?

October 1, 2009

Best Home Improvement Tool

I don't think Mr. M needs this, but I thought it was pretty cool!

Found via Charles and Hudson.
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