December 30, 2010

I must follow through with follow-through!

As some of you may already know, I am awful with coming up with ideas and then following through with them. But, for 2011, I am determined to do a heck of a lot better with follow-through. I want to start a project, or maybe two, that I can commit to finishing in 2011.

One of those projects will definitely be Project 365, which involves taking a picture every day for a full year. I have several ideas for another project for this blog, but I would also love to get your opinion on what you would like to see. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Post a recipe I have cooked during the week.
  • Create design boards for home decor.
  • Participate in other blog projects on a regular basis and post them here.
  • I will be attempting to get back into shape in a major way, and I could potentially post my progress, trials, and successes here.
I am open to all ideas, and I must follow through with choosing another one to do for 2011!

December 8, 2010

Weather Or Not

By day, I am a meteorologist. No, I do not forecast the weather. No, I do not know what the weather is supposed to be like 10 days from now. No, I do not study meteors.

Do I get excited about weather? You bet! Give me a good thunderstorm or exciting weather any day!

Speaking of thunderstorms, I do believe that meteorologists are cursed. Whenever we hear about a good thunderstorm approaching, something interesting happens. That thunderstorm winds up either completely dying before reaching us or it just goes around us. It never fails.

One of my coworkers, and a fellow meteorologist, posted this on her Google chat status today. I had to re-post it here because it is so true, and quite funny at the same time!


November 30, 2010

Cash Back for Christmas Presents?!

In my family, I am the person known as the savvy internet shopper, always finding great deals, promotions, freebies, etc. Since the Christmas season has officially started, I have already told quite a few family members about how to get cash back while shopping online. The way I do it is through Ebates. With over 1000 online stores, Ebates is the best place to find great deals and coupons. Simply click an online store's link from the Ebates website. Ebates opens a tracking ticket for you for that store, and if you make a purchase, they credit your account with anywhere from 1% - 26% cash back. After you accrue a cash back total of $5 or more, they either send you a check in the mail or deposit your money directly in your Paypal account. How easy is that? 

Mr. M and I just bought a Christmas gift and some items for his business last night, and just from those purchases, we will get roughly $10-$12 back! Sounds like a no-brainer to me! 

Please go and check it out! If you register for an account with them, they will give you $5. And it's absolutely free! Yay!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! Be safe if you are traveling and make sure you wear loose clothing.

November 20, 2010

Just For Fun

Have you ever heard of tilt shift for photos? Basically, it takes a regular photo and, by magic that I am not at all experienced at, will make it appear as if everything is in miniature. It is a really fun effect!



There is a website that allows you to create tilt shift images very easily. If you go to, you can upload any image and play with the tools provided to create a 'miniature' land. There are also ways to create tilt shift effects in Photoshop, GIMP, and other photo editors, and there are great tutorials out there that will show you how to do it. I hadn't had any images for quite some time that I thought would make good 'miniature' lands, but I remembered a photo I took when Mr. M and I went to St. Michael's, MD for an anniversary trip. I played around at, and here is my final result!

St. Michael's Tilt-shift

If you would like to see more tilt shift images, check out the Flickr pool specifically for tilt shift.

November 18, 2010

Why I Drink Coffee

Coffee Love (FI-20473)
  1. I like the taste.
  2. Peer pressure. Mr. M likes it A LOT more than I do, so I sometimes drink it to fit in.
  3. My brain tells me it benefits from the caffeine in the morning. I really don't believe it.
  4. Drinking a Starbucks coffee makes you 10 times cooler than you normally are.
  5. I enjoy the somewhat odd coffee bean/nutty smell my lips emit after drinking a lot of coffee.
  6. I enjoy my options. Splenda or Sugar? Full-caf, half-caf, or Decaf? Cream or Non-fat? Big or Little?
  7. Peer pressure. The girls at work go on coffee trips during the week, and I go with them to fit in.
  8. There's just something about holding a warm mug in your hands on chilly days.
  9. If I am feeling nibbly, it is a great distraction and much less caloric.
  10. I may just be addicted.

November 16, 2010

I Am No Writer

But, somehow I am really excited about joining in the Writer's Workshop created by Kathy of Mama's Losin' It!

I just recently found Kathy's blog, and am already smitten with her family, her wit, and her imagination. I don't know how she finds time to do all that she does since she is a stay-at-home mom running a home daycare business. Regardless, almost every time I read one of her posts, I have to chuckle.

Like the title of this post says, I really am no writer. I was always pretty good at English and Composition in school, but I have always felt that I am not creative enough to actually WRITE. Sure, it's easy to write about the everyday stuff, but sooner or later, writer's block is going to hit. That was the inspiration behind the Writer's Workshop. Every week, Kathy creates a list of topics about which you can write on your own blog. Then, on the following Thursday, you head back to her blog to link up to the topics post. Here are her current topics to choose from:
  1. Why are you burned out?
  2. Write a poem about a time someone made you smile.
  3. A list of 10 reasons why you do or do not drink coffee.
  4. An open letter to a celebrity.
  5. That one time you met your online friend in real life (was it everything you thought it would be?).
I have chosen the really deep topic of why I drink coffee. Stay tuned Thursday for my scintillating list!

November 15, 2010

I Crack Myself Up

I am one of those people that are extremely wary of e-mails I receive from addresses with which I am not familiar. I constantly lecture Mr. M on the dangers of opening e-mails from people he does not recognize. He still opens every one of them. It's a good thing we have a Mac.

Anyway, on more than one occasion, I have scared myself when seeing new e-mails in my inbox. They normally come in pairs, and the first e-mail I see is something along the lines of 'Notification of payment received'. I instantly think somebody got into my account and made unauthorized purchases, which turns out to be so not the case!

You see, when I get the few and far between Etsy sale, that is how I am notified. That first e-mail is from Paypal notifying me that funds were deposited into my account. The second e-mail is from Etsy, telling me I made a sale. It takes me at least a good minute or so to realize I've made a sale. And then when I do, I wind up doing a happy dance in my chair with silent 'Yays!'.

I wonder if I will ever just instantly know I made a sale? Or will I always be the skeptic at first, then feel like a complete and total moron, later, after realization hits?

November 13, 2010

Mr. M has a website!

I am so proud of Mr. M. He is almost through his second year of business, and it is still showing signs of growth. Not too long ago, a good friend helped him launch a website for his business, S & N Construction. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but just knowing that Mr. M has a website is so exciting. And he is totally not a tech-savvy person! Anyway, you must check it out, just because I am so proud of him. 

He is also in the process of getting his new logo on business cards, truck magnets, signs, etc. I am really loving it, especially since it reflects our faith, as well as key traits Mr. M possesses. My very talented cousin had just graduated from school with a degree in graphic design, and she was beyond happy to help design a simple logo for Mr. M. She is incredibly talented in graphic design, art, and all kinds of other creative things, and had quite a few unique ideas for the business. This is the final result.

A lot of white space from blanked out info.
Mr. M used to build custom homes for another company before he decided to start a business of his own. Because of our current economy, he decided to begin his business with home improvement. Eventually, he will get back into building houses, but he is definitely enjoying the variety of jobs he has now. So far with his business he has built decks, sunrooms, additions, fences, installed windows and doors, replaced gutters, gutter boards, soffit, and a myriad of other things. On his website are several images and a link to his Flickr page of completed projects. 

So far, this has been a huge learning experience for him, and even for me, too, business-related and personally. We are on quite a journey, and I am really excited to see where we are headed someday.

November 10, 2010

On the Workout Wagon with Bob

Mr. M and I decided to jump back into working out and eating right. We had both been so sluggish, achy-painy, and irritable with each other. Plus, for me, it seemed like the weight was slowly creeping up on me, and I wasn't sure why. Well, maybe it was the ice cream and snacks and Starbucks and doughnuts and...

I had heard that Bob Harper released a new set DVD workouts and that they were pretty hardcore. I had worked out with P90X before, but unless you have no job and no responsibilities, it is just utterly impossible to commit to AT LEAST an hour or more a day to working out.

Enter Bob Harper's Insisde Out Method. It consists of 4 DVDs, one for strength (Pure Burn Super Strength), one for cardio (Cardio Conditioning), one for yoga (Yoga for the Warrior), and one for complete insanity (Bob's Workout). All DVDs have two workouts, one that is a full hour, and another that is anywhere from 15-30 minutes. This is nice for me to have since I know I can not commit a full hour to working out everyday, but the short workouts still definitely kick my butt.

Mr. M and I followed the workout schedule that can be found here. Neither of us has made it to Week 4, yet, although we have been working out for over a full month. I am rather peeved by the way the schedule and some of the workouts are set up. In Week 3, it suggests you alternate the strength and cardio DVDs for 4 days straight. That would be fine if a lot of the exercises or muscle groups weren't repeated in both DVDs. I could see somebody working their way to injury if they kept going like that.

Also, one lady that appears in several workouts has now officially been named 'O-Face' in my household. I don't know if she does it for the cameras, or if that's really just what she does, but she constantly has her mouth hanging open as if she is in complete agony. I mean, the workouts are hard and all, but I never thought they were THAT hard.

Although there are those things that I do not like about Bob Harper's Inside Out Method, I would have to give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, unicorns, or lollipops. All of the DVD's provide an awesome workout, and even just doing Week 2 from the schedule for several weeks has me feeling super fit and seeing results.

As a disclaimer, I don't know Bob personally and he doesn't even know I exist. I merely had to share my experience with his new DVDs since I am so excited to have them in my workout library. And it's a super-duper plus that Mr. M likes them, too, especially since he has been dead set against working out for so long. Also, they are an awesome deal if you buy all 4 at once, at only $35.99 plus shipping.

Have you had any experience with these DVDs? Do you have a favorite that you go back to often? Please share!

Image from here.

November 4, 2010

It's Makeover Time!

Pretty soon, this blog will have a new look. Jessica from Life on Delgany Street is building a blog design portfolio and needed some guinea pigs. I am definitely willing to support her in her endeavor, as I know how difficult it can be to get things started sometimes. I, myself, am still working on the 'getting started', but still haven't pressed the gas.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

October 21, 2010

I Am In Quotes!

Maybe I am a huge dork for getting so extremely excited about this, but Jess from Make Under My Life just quoted part of my Ambassador post! I feel as if my name is in lights! Okay, maybe it's not that huge, but it still makes me happy. And, although I didn't win the giveaway she was hosting, I feel like a winner seeing something of mine in quotes, on another blog, no less!

Thanks, Jess!

October 19, 2010

A Jess LC Ambassador!

I am so very pleased to announce that I am now an ambassador for Jess LC! With such an overabundance of companies today, handmade or not, it is very difficult for me to find a few that I truly admire. But, Jess LC is one that I do admire, and for many different reasons.

Although I personally do not own any Jess LC jewelry (yet), I can vouch for the fact that each piece is made with a ton of love and passion. The Diversey collection is Jess's newest creation, and I am definitely a fan. Also, I really adore her Franklin collection, as it speaks volumes! With necklaces touting phrases such as 'Be Brave', 'Dream Bigger', and 'Be Thankful', one is inspired to stay positive. But, the most special part of the necklaces is that the phrases are written in Braille. Who, other than Jess, would think of something like that? She has several other collections available, as well, so be sure to check them out.

The biggest reason I wanted to become an ambassador for Jess LC is the person behind it. Jess is such a huge inspiration, as you can read in my previous post about her. And when she started her blog, Make Under My Life, back in 2009, she really helped me to see things in a different, more positive, and 'I can do it' light. And for that, I am extending my thanks to her by becoming an ambassador for her and Jess LC.

October 18, 2010

Westfield Style Tour with Stacy London!

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to participate in the Westfield Style Tour held at the Westfield Mall in Annapolis. It was an event that occurred all weekend, but yesterday was special because Stacy London, from TLC's What Not To Wear, made an appearance. I went to the event only knowing that she was going to be there and that there were also free beauty and style consultations. It sounded like fun to me, and it definitely was!

I had no idea what Stacy's appearance was going to involve, but I was pleasantly surprised when she had a small fashion show showcasing some of this season's trends, including animal prints, monochromatic looks, camel colored coats, nude shoes, and sparkle. After the fashion show, she offered an opportunity for us in the audience to ask her some questions. I must say, I was really impressed with her! She noticed absolutely everything, including various outfits, small details on some outfits, and even a Twitter pal of hers that she had never personally met before! She was extremely personable and very positive about women learning to love and accept their own bodies.

I apologize in advance for the crappy photos. I only had my phone with me, and she didn't stand still very often. I was totally crushing on her dress and her shoes, too! But, I was so very happy to ask her a question, myself!

Here are a few highlights from her Q&A session:

My question was regarding belts. Being petite with a long torso and short legs, I asked her what widths of belts should I avoid, if any. She recommended I wear them higher than my natural waist (as I normally do) and would not recommend me wear something thicker than 1 3/4", purely because if I go any larger, the belt might wear me.

Other questions I enjoyed hearing her answer:

What do you think of men in skinny jeans?  "I don't."
What do you think of Ugg boots? "Their name says it all. I have a pair of Ugg slippers that I only wear at home and never leave the house in. And if I have company over, they never leave my bedroom."
How much black is too much black? "You can never do too much black, but if you go for an all black ensemble, it is best to add some detailed element, whether it be ruffles or some sparkle. Anything to make the outfit visually interesting."
I have extremely broad shoulders from swimming for so many years. What would you recommend I wear to minimize my shoulders so I don't feel like a football player?  "Definitely go for V-neck shirts, which will draw the attention away from the upper part of your torso. Also, don't be afraid to layer a light cardigan or fitted jacket. They will create visual interest that will draw attention away from your shoulders."
I am very petite and have a very small frame. I have trouble finding clothes that fit my frame rather than swallow it up. Any suggestions? "I always recommend, for anybody, that fit is everything. If you need to, have your clothes tailored to better fit your proportions and frame. If your clothes fit nice, they will make you feel so much better. And you will feel more confident because YOU are wearing your clothes, rather than your clothes are wearing you."

I really enjoyed the Q&A session with Stacy London, and was really impressed with how long it lasted. Overall, I would guess that just her feature took about 1 1/2 to almost 2 hours.

Besides getting to see and talk to Stacy London, I participated in the free beauty and style consultations. I was very impressed with how the mall organized that whole portion of the event. They partitioned off one of what they call their atriums into two sections, one for beauty and one for style.

The beauty portion consisted of sitting down with a beauty consultant (various brands were represented) and talking about what kind of look you were interested in. Because I dragged Mr. M with me, and he was so incredibly patient, I asked for a date night look, just in case! My consultant did a really pretty plum look on my eyes and give me some colored gloss for my lips. Being somebody that doesn't wear much heavy makeup, let alone lip color, I was very impressed with my look. And, it inspired me to try more with my eyes on a regular basis.

The style part of the consultations involved talking with a professional stylist to find out what kinds of wardrobe concerns you may have and what kind of look you were interested in learning about. Then, the stylist went through a selection of clothing, all sold at the mall, to create the look by dressing up a mannequin, accessories and all. And, the stylist also took a Polaroid of each look for you to keep if you wanted to create the look on your own or shop for the pieces used in the consultation.

Overall, I had a great time at the event. I also enjoyed chatting with the ladies that I waited in line with. Oh, and I forgot to mention all the free goodies! I got several freebies from Aveda and The Body Shop. There were opportunities to enter sweepstakes to win shopping sprees and a trip to Fashion Week in 2011. And there was free food galore!

The only thing missing from the Westfield Style Tour was a husband's waiting lounge. I saw so many men waiting for their wives/girlfriends that I think it would be nice to treat those men that were willing to be so patient for their women, including Mr. M!

October 14, 2010

Facebook Found Poem - I'm A Day Late

Through my friend's blog, Life on Delgany Street, I learned about Mid-Week Laughs started by E, Myself, and I. This week's topic was:


But, the challenge is to answer by writing a found poem using only your Facebook friends' status updates. It sounded like fun to me! So, here is my contribution to Mid-Week Laughs:

A Day In The Life Of...

Maybe I'll stop by with my book in hand just to be sure.
In the daylight we could hitchhike to Maine.
A little peace of mind at last.
Shaking things up a little today.
What better way to spend my day...
holding little girls with colds! 
We gotta hold on to what we got, 
cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
A personalized foam finger and a handmade marshmallow monkey.

Just dropped the little man off and is heading to work.
Waiting for the weekend to arrive!
Wondering if I should be this excited for Housewives of Beverly Hills?
Some of the more evil-spirited among you
might suggest that this was an outstanding example of karma at work.
I want a gun!  

Life is a photographic memory...
but some don't have film!
Too early for Advil.

Having my nightly glass o' milk and going to bed. 
Enjoys being able to get in bed and watch hockey. 
Hold me closer Tony Danza.
Wishing Sennheiser sent tracking numbers for shipments.

Now I have writer's cramp.

October 13, 2010


I found these photos at Happiness Is... and was completely blown away.

The images were created by Melvin Sokolsky back in 1963, so how were these photos created without the likes of Photoshop?

See more of this series of photos here.

October 4, 2010

September 28, 2010

Inspiration and the new Diversy collection

If you have never heard of Jess LC or Make Under My Life, you are missing something great. Jess has a great line of jewelry through Jess LC, and she has recently released her new Diversey collection. I must say, I have found a new love in this collection! Here are a few of my faves from the collection.

Two Strand, Three Paisley Necklace
Single Paisley Bracelet

Solid Enamel Paisley Necklace
Jess's blog, Make Under My Life has been a huge inspiration to me. As the name suggests, it is all about simplifying and de-cluttering your life, both physically and mentally, and as Jess states, 'designing your life with intention'. Jess also shares her own life struggles and accomplishments in such an open way, that she is truly an inspiration to me, and, I am sure, many others. Also, with Jess being self-employed just like Mr. M, I tend to find a lot of support in how I feel with Mr. M's business struggles and accomplishments. It's amazing how one person that you have never physically met can make such a huge impact on your life and continue to do so. 

I am so very grateful for having found Jess's blog on the web, and her jewelry is a definite bonus! Now, I just have to figure out a way to score a piece of that gorgeous jewelry...

September 25, 2010

New To The Shop!

I've added two new items to my shop, Colie's Crafts! The first is a tad out of season, but I don't mind. I had been hemming and hawing over what to frame these bears in for a while. My dear mother-in-law found some cross-stitch supplies at a yard sale and asked if I would be interested in them. It was a huge box with all kinds of stuff! I sifted through and picked out what I could use, and this vintage hoop was one of them.  I am loving the seafoam green, and how it coordinates with the castle's flag!

Beach Bears 

For some of you who follow my blog, or have poked around my Etsy shop, this next one may look a bit familiar. I had some 24-count Aida cloth. I think it was 24-count. Anyway, I decided to try my Mod Buds (link to Mod Buds listing) on a smaller scale.

Mini Mod Buds

And I like it! I may make more of these in different colors because they're so fun to make!

I have several other pieces that I want to frame before posting to the shop. So you'll have to stay tuned for those. I hope you enjoy my little Etsy makeover!

September 23, 2010

Unframed Additions to Colie's Crafts

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to try listing some unframed cross-stitch pieces in my Etsy shop. They cost a bit less since I did not have to buy a frame and do the extra work of framing each piece. Also, I think this gives the buyers much more flexibility, if they are willing to frame, because then they can choose any size, shape, or color that suits them best.

So what do you think? For more information about these pieces, head on over to my shop on Etsy. And stay tuned soon for two exciting new, framed additions!

September 22, 2010

New Photos in Etsy Shop!

I am a bad, bad blogger with good intentions. Someday in the near future, I hope to get going with this blog full-time again. In the meantime, please be patient with my severely intermittent posts!

I finally got some time to take new Etsy photos with my new camera! So far, I have just updated my shop with my current listings, but keep an eye out in the next few days. I have several additions coming to Colie's Crafts, framed and unframed.

The unframed pieces are a stretch, as I'm not too sure how they will sell online. But, I figure I will list at least a few, feel it out, and if they do not sell well (if at all) then I will try to stick them in some frames in the future. I really just do not have the extra time to frame all of my pieces right now, so if anybody else is willing to do so, then you are more than welcome!

Anyway, back to my new photos. Here is a sneak peek at just a few listings I have updated. I hope you likey!

August 19, 2010

Creative Challenge

Since getting my Canon Powershot G11 for my birthday, I've been itching to take all different kinds of photos. Sometimes, though, I have serious trouble with gathering inspiration. So, I am going to become an active member of the Simply Hue Creative Challenge. If you have never read Simply Hue, you are missing out on some great posts, photos, and overall inspiration. It is such a pretty blog, and one I enjoy coming back to often.

There is no new challenge for this week, but members are encouraged to continue posting images from last week's challenge, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny. So, here is my first submission to the Simply Hue Creative Challenge.

August 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

There are many times that Hubby and I say we are so very thankful for the home we have, and all that we have in it. We are slowly moving past the college kid/bachelor furniture into adult/established furniture. It is nice to have hand-me-downs, especially when they can be combined with newer furniture and still look put together.

In celebration of how our home has evolved since being married, I have stepped out on a limb and decided to enter the CB2 'The Selby Is In Your Place Contest'. The winner will get a $10,000 CB2 gift card and a photo shoot with Todd Selby. If you would like to help me move towards the finals in the contest, please go to to vote for me.

March 3, 2010

Blog It Forward: What Inspires Me?

If you follow the blogosphere, I am sure you have already encountered blog posts from bloggers involved with Blog It Forward. It is technically a mash-up of about 300 different blogs, all participating in the same topic and interconnected to each other. The blog that posted before me was Please Obey and the blog following me tomorrow is Pretty Much Art. We are all writing about what inspires us. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the things that inspire me.

Old homes and architecture are truly inspiring to me. Homes with great bones, gorgeous woodwork and fireplaces, and other interesting elements that are not included in new homes have always interested me. I always wonder what their stories are. Old homes are not the only things that inspire me, though. Architecture inspires me, too, especially the construction and artisanship of old-fashioned brickwork, molding, eaves, and so on. It is a wonder how something so magnificent was accomplished with what would be considered primitive tools for today.

I have been eyeing some old homes in Goldsboro, NC that are currently being sold as an historic downtown revitalization effort.

I also really wish the Victoria Theater was still in my parents' hometown. It was an absolutely beautiful building, inside and out. I had the opportunity to watch several movies in it before it was torn down to make way for a Rite Aid parking lot, and I will never forget the awe and wonder that hit me every time I stepped through its doors.

Another theater, The Majestic, used to be where the J.C.Penney is in the picture. The J. C. Penney is no longer there.

Another thing that inspires me is photography. What one person can capture through a camera is absolutely amazing to me. I sometimes wish I had the talent a lot of people have in photography. That inspires me to try to take better photos myself. Photography can capture so many great and momentous events, the tiniest creatures, the most vivid colors, and anything else in life that just should not be missed.

Nature inspires me, too. How can one look at this world, and the beauty in it, and not believe that there is a God? Just look at the photos above! Just being outside, in the fresh air, and feeling the sun warm my face is enough inspiration for me. I am inspired to live my life to its fullest, and appreciate every event, big or small, in which I am a partaker.

My husband, Mr. M, is also a huge inspiration to me. Not only is he the most caring man I have ever met, but he is also the most ambitious. He just told me the other day that all his life, he thought he was just a dreamer. But, now that he has his own business, which is something he had dreamt of, he realizes he is now also a do-er. And that is truly inspiring to me. To live with somebody that can follow their own dreams inspires me to want to do that myself.

Mr. M also inspires me to always treat others with respect and love, even total strangers. He sees all people in the same light, no matter their background or present circumstances. He is the type of man to get the cereal off the top shelf for a short, elderly lady. He returns cash he finds sitting on a countertop to an employee of a store, although no one is around to claim it. He talks to anybody and always, always manages to make them smile. And in Mr. M doing those things, it makes me want to do them, too, even though I am as shy as could possibly be sometimes.

Those are some of the things that inspire me. What inspires you? If you need more inspiration, check out all of the blogs involved with Blog It Forward, and stay tuned for tomorrow's post from Pretty Much Art.

February 27, 2010

Etsy Treasury!

I just received a message from Cindi of On Third Thought telling me I made it into her treasury on Etsy. Yay! I never thought I would ever see one of my items in a treasury. It is truly an honor!

My screen could only capture so much, but my Mod Buds is on the bottom right. How cool is that? And it is paired with other absolutely gorgeous items, all handmade. I am always amazed by the talent found on Etsy.

Go check out the whole treasury here! It will be around until March 2.

February 23, 2010

Top 5!

Colie's Crafts has made it to the top five in The Lovelies, Shop: Decor and Furniture category! I want to thank all who have already voted. If you haven't, and would like to, go to the post for my shop here. All you have to do is leave a comment showing some love.

It is so exciting to see my shop in the top 5 of anything, considering I just started selling my work last year. So, it is definitely an honor! And thanks again to everybody that helped make this happen!

Voting ends February 28!

And I promise this will be the last post about voting for The Lovelies!

February 22, 2010

The Joys of Renting with Mr. M's Business

We rent a two-bedroom townhome that has no additional outside storage. Mr. M has his home improvement business, which is steadily growing. Our home is not growing. I almost feel like I should be involved with the small-space living people. You know, the people that live in only 200 square feet and have a family of ten, requiring maximum usage of all available space.

This photo shows a rather cozy looking corner of a bedroom. I would like to think it looks cozy at least. All of the baseball paraphernalia is Mr. M's, as he used to play baseball and it will always be in his blood. If you look closely, there are several baseball cards in one of the frames. They are of Mr. M!

Okay, sorry for the distraction. As you know, most rooms or views that are cropped really close usually have a reason for being that way. If you did not know any better, the photo above shows a lovely bedroom. But, if you did know better, you would be wondering what else is near the bed.

Well, that room is our guest/tool storage/office room. I think it's dimensions are probably around 10 ft. by 10 ft. So, when we have guests, they need to just focus their eyes on the wonderful corner with our gallery of baseball pictures and a brown metal-framed bed. That's all they get, unless they want to be traumatized by the tools taking over one corner of the room that slowly creep into other parts of the room or our home.

Thank goodness for Home Depot and their metal shelving system! And a big blanket that we throw over the tools when guests arrive! But, little do our guests know that the miniature office space at the foot of their bed wishes it had more room, too. At least I still think the guest space is rather, um, quaint. It's the best I could do, and I am proud of it.

The newest addition to our lovely townhome is a 24 foot extension ladder, that when stored, measures 12 feet long. In a house that is only roughly 12 feet wide, what is one to do to store a ladder like that and still have a home that looks like a home? The best idea we could come up with is some ladder hooks installed along the inside of our stairwell.

How cute is that?

And this is how it looks from our living room sofa.

Not exactly nice-looking when coming from a design standpoint. So what is a girl to do? I'm thinking I may use my DIY resolution for the year and string some type of garland or banner across the ladder when it is being stored. Maybe something like this?

Or this?

Mr. M laughs. I think it might be worthwhile. I need to add some girlish charm to that cold, aluminum ladder.

What do you think? Does anybody out there have any cool decor suggestions?

February 15, 2010

My New Favorite Dress

I just recently discovered Shade Clothing, and it has quickly become a favorite online shop. I ordered this dress on sale, which is on sale for even less now, and it is fantastic! Not only does it look nice but it is of great quality and extremely comfortable. Shade offers great basics, as well as some cute tops, sweaters, accessories, swimwear, and so on all at an affordable price. They have a great sale going on right now, too, so don't miss it! They also have a maternity line, which I'll definitely have to remember whenever Mr. M and I decide to start a family.

Here are a few other pieces I would love to buy...

If you haven't already discovered Shade Clothing, definitely check them out!

I am in no way affiliated with Shade Clothing, and they have no idea I am posting this. I just had to let you all know about their clothing, as I am super excited about finding them!

Valentine's Day

I must say, I believe I have the most wonderful husband in the world. After being snowed-in together for almost a full week last week, I was amazed that we were still very much in love, if not even more! It truly amazes me how a couple can continually grow together, and there never appears to be an end in sight. How exciting is that??

We celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie Saturday night, which is not a usual occurrence for us, so it was really, really nice. On Valentine's Day, we went on with our usual morning consisting of my working out then taking forever to get ready for church. Mr. M played last minute Cupid (remember, we were snowed in the whole previous week) and surprised me just before we left for church. He told me to head out to the car as it was already warmed up, and he would be out shortly. I did just that, and this is what I found...

How sweet is he???? All of the post-it notes had little phrases and quotes about love written on them. Because he was driving, I would naturally sit in the passenger seat, hence two dozen orange and bright pink roses and a beautiful card were sitting in his seat waiting for me. I was so happy I think my face hurt for quite a while, as I just could not stop smiling! And the funny part was, throughout the day, I was still finding post-it notes I had missed that morning. It was so special and heartfelt, and that is one of many reasons why I believe I have the most wonderful husband in the world!
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