February 22, 2010

The Joys of Renting with Mr. M's Business

We rent a two-bedroom townhome that has no additional outside storage. Mr. M has his home improvement business, which is steadily growing. Our home is not growing. I almost feel like I should be involved with the small-space living people. You know, the people that live in only 200 square feet and have a family of ten, requiring maximum usage of all available space.

This photo shows a rather cozy looking corner of a bedroom. I would like to think it looks cozy at least. All of the baseball paraphernalia is Mr. M's, as he used to play baseball and it will always be in his blood. If you look closely, there are several baseball cards in one of the frames. They are of Mr. M!

Okay, sorry for the distraction. As you know, most rooms or views that are cropped really close usually have a reason for being that way. If you did not know any better, the photo above shows a lovely bedroom. But, if you did know better, you would be wondering what else is near the bed.

Well, that room is our guest/tool storage/office room. I think it's dimensions are probably around 10 ft. by 10 ft. So, when we have guests, they need to just focus their eyes on the wonderful corner with our gallery of baseball pictures and a brown metal-framed bed. That's all they get, unless they want to be traumatized by the tools taking over one corner of the room that slowly creep into other parts of the room or our home.

Thank goodness for Home Depot and their metal shelving system! And a big blanket that we throw over the tools when guests arrive! But, little do our guests know that the miniature office space at the foot of their bed wishes it had more room, too. At least I still think the guest space is rather, um, quaint. It's the best I could do, and I am proud of it.

The newest addition to our lovely townhome is a 24 foot extension ladder, that when stored, measures 12 feet long. In a house that is only roughly 12 feet wide, what is one to do to store a ladder like that and still have a home that looks like a home? The best idea we could come up with is some ladder hooks installed along the inside of our stairwell.

How cute is that?

And this is how it looks from our living room sofa.

Not exactly nice-looking when coming from a design standpoint. So what is a girl to do? I'm thinking I may use my DIY resolution for the year and string some type of garland or banner across the ladder when it is being stored. Maybe something like this?

Or this?

Mr. M laughs. I think it might be worthwhile. I need to add some girlish charm to that cold, aluminum ladder.

What do you think? Does anybody out there have any cool decor suggestions?


  1. You could do vines too... haha I don't know. I am no expert!

  2. Nothing is better than the garland idea, works for Christmas too!


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