March 3, 2010

Blog It Forward: What Inspires Me?

If you follow the blogosphere, I am sure you have already encountered blog posts from bloggers involved with Blog It Forward. It is technically a mash-up of about 300 different blogs, all participating in the same topic and interconnected to each other. The blog that posted before me was Please Obey and the blog following me tomorrow is Pretty Much Art. We are all writing about what inspires us. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the things that inspire me.

Old homes and architecture are truly inspiring to me. Homes with great bones, gorgeous woodwork and fireplaces, and other interesting elements that are not included in new homes have always interested me. I always wonder what their stories are. Old homes are not the only things that inspire me, though. Architecture inspires me, too, especially the construction and artisanship of old-fashioned brickwork, molding, eaves, and so on. It is a wonder how something so magnificent was accomplished with what would be considered primitive tools for today.

I have been eyeing some old homes in Goldsboro, NC that are currently being sold as an historic downtown revitalization effort.

I also really wish the Victoria Theater was still in my parents' hometown. It was an absolutely beautiful building, inside and out. I had the opportunity to watch several movies in it before it was torn down to make way for a Rite Aid parking lot, and I will never forget the awe and wonder that hit me every time I stepped through its doors.

Another theater, The Majestic, used to be where the J.C.Penney is in the picture. The J. C. Penney is no longer there.

Another thing that inspires me is photography. What one person can capture through a camera is absolutely amazing to me. I sometimes wish I had the talent a lot of people have in photography. That inspires me to try to take better photos myself. Photography can capture so many great and momentous events, the tiniest creatures, the most vivid colors, and anything else in life that just should not be missed.

Nature inspires me, too. How can one look at this world, and the beauty in it, and not believe that there is a God? Just look at the photos above! Just being outside, in the fresh air, and feeling the sun warm my face is enough inspiration for me. I am inspired to live my life to its fullest, and appreciate every event, big or small, in which I am a partaker.

My husband, Mr. M, is also a huge inspiration to me. Not only is he the most caring man I have ever met, but he is also the most ambitious. He just told me the other day that all his life, he thought he was just a dreamer. But, now that he has his own business, which is something he had dreamt of, he realizes he is now also a do-er. And that is truly inspiring to me. To live with somebody that can follow their own dreams inspires me to want to do that myself.

Mr. M also inspires me to always treat others with respect and love, even total strangers. He sees all people in the same light, no matter their background or present circumstances. He is the type of man to get the cereal off the top shelf for a short, elderly lady. He returns cash he finds sitting on a countertop to an employee of a store, although no one is around to claim it. He talks to anybody and always, always manages to make them smile. And in Mr. M doing those things, it makes me want to do them, too, even though I am as shy as could possibly be sometimes.

Those are some of the things that inspire me. What inspires you? If you need more inspiration, check out all of the blogs involved with Blog It Forward, and stay tuned for tomorrow's post from Pretty Much Art.


  1. Very sweet post, and lovely photos! It makes me sad when they tear down beautiful old buildings.

  2. as a carpenter myself, i'm with you on the old homes, thanks for sharing today!

  3. lovely post and very inspiration! i love old restoration projects too, and wish i could take one on! :)

  4. those historic photos are amazing! So sad about the theatre... and for a Rite Aid?! shame.

  5. lovely post... I would love for you to participate in my new giveaway with your photos... have a nice one!

  6. thanks for commenting on the giveaway of my cards on mochatini:) best of luck to you to win!:)

    what a wonderful collection of what inspires you, Nicole! great photos and commentary.

  7. What a great post! Mr. M sounds amazing :) xo

  8. I used to live in historic area and loved everything about it. Historic houses have beauty and limitless charm. That'a stunning house! Have a great day!


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