October 14, 2010

Facebook Found Poem - I'm A Day Late

Through my friend's blog, Life on Delgany Street, I learned about Mid-Week Laughs started by E, Myself, and I. This week's topic was:


But, the challenge is to answer by writing a found poem using only your Facebook friends' status updates. It sounded like fun to me! So, here is my contribution to Mid-Week Laughs:

A Day In The Life Of...

Maybe I'll stop by with my book in hand just to be sure.
In the daylight we could hitchhike to Maine.
A little peace of mind at last.
Shaking things up a little today.
What better way to spend my day...
holding little girls with colds! 
We gotta hold on to what we got, 
cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
A personalized foam finger and a handmade marshmallow monkey.

Just dropped the little man off and is heading to work.
Waiting for the weekend to arrive!
Wondering if I should be this excited for Housewives of Beverly Hills?
Some of the more evil-spirited among you
might suggest that this was an outstanding example of karma at work.
I want a gun!  

Life is a photographic memory...
but some don't have film!
Too early for Advil.

Having my nightly glass o' milk and going to bed. 
Enjoys being able to get in bed and watch hockey. 
Hold me closer Tony Danza.
Wishing Sennheiser sent tracking numbers for shipments.

Now I have writer's cramp.

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