November 13, 2010

Mr. M has a website!

I am so proud of Mr. M. He is almost through his second year of business, and it is still showing signs of growth. Not too long ago, a good friend helped him launch a website for his business, S & N Construction. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but just knowing that Mr. M has a website is so exciting. And he is totally not a tech-savvy person! Anyway, you must check it out, just because I am so proud of him. 

He is also in the process of getting his new logo on business cards, truck magnets, signs, etc. I am really loving it, especially since it reflects our faith, as well as key traits Mr. M possesses. My very talented cousin had just graduated from school with a degree in graphic design, and she was beyond happy to help design a simple logo for Mr. M. She is incredibly talented in graphic design, art, and all kinds of other creative things, and had quite a few unique ideas for the business. This is the final result.

A lot of white space from blanked out info.
Mr. M used to build custom homes for another company before he decided to start a business of his own. Because of our current economy, he decided to begin his business with home improvement. Eventually, he will get back into building houses, but he is definitely enjoying the variety of jobs he has now. So far with his business he has built decks, sunrooms, additions, fences, installed windows and doors, replaced gutters, gutter boards, soffit, and a myriad of other things. On his website are several images and a link to his Flickr page of completed projects. 

So far, this has been a huge learning experience for him, and even for me, too, business-related and personally. We are on quite a journey, and I am really excited to see where we are headed someday.

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  1. Conratulation to him!! What a great uplifting post :)

    It is always nice to know good people who can help you do what you otherwise wouldn't have been able to alone!

    Well! I'm off to look at the website :D


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