November 10, 2010

On the Workout Wagon with Bob

Mr. M and I decided to jump back into working out and eating right. We had both been so sluggish, achy-painy, and irritable with each other. Plus, for me, it seemed like the weight was slowly creeping up on me, and I wasn't sure why. Well, maybe it was the ice cream and snacks and Starbucks and doughnuts and...

I had heard that Bob Harper released a new set DVD workouts and that they were pretty hardcore. I had worked out with P90X before, but unless you have no job and no responsibilities, it is just utterly impossible to commit to AT LEAST an hour or more a day to working out.

Enter Bob Harper's Insisde Out Method. It consists of 4 DVDs, one for strength (Pure Burn Super Strength), one for cardio (Cardio Conditioning), one for yoga (Yoga for the Warrior), and one for complete insanity (Bob's Workout). All DVDs have two workouts, one that is a full hour, and another that is anywhere from 15-30 minutes. This is nice for me to have since I know I can not commit a full hour to working out everyday, but the short workouts still definitely kick my butt.

Mr. M and I followed the workout schedule that can be found here. Neither of us has made it to Week 4, yet, although we have been working out for over a full month. I am rather peeved by the way the schedule and some of the workouts are set up. In Week 3, it suggests you alternate the strength and cardio DVDs for 4 days straight. That would be fine if a lot of the exercises or muscle groups weren't repeated in both DVDs. I could see somebody working their way to injury if they kept going like that.

Also, one lady that appears in several workouts has now officially been named 'O-Face' in my household. I don't know if she does it for the cameras, or if that's really just what she does, but she constantly has her mouth hanging open as if she is in complete agony. I mean, the workouts are hard and all, but I never thought they were THAT hard.

Although there are those things that I do not like about Bob Harper's Inside Out Method, I would have to give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, unicorns, or lollipops. All of the DVD's provide an awesome workout, and even just doing Week 2 from the schedule for several weeks has me feeling super fit and seeing results.

As a disclaimer, I don't know Bob personally and he doesn't even know I exist. I merely had to share my experience with his new DVDs since I am so excited to have them in my workout library. And it's a super-duper plus that Mr. M likes them, too, especially since he has been dead set against working out for so long. Also, they are an awesome deal if you buy all 4 at once, at only $35.99 plus shipping.

Have you had any experience with these DVDs? Do you have a favorite that you go back to often? Please share!

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  1. I've never seen one of his vids, but I loved him back when I used to watch Biggest Loser, so inspiring!


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