November 18, 2010

Why I Drink Coffee

Coffee Love (FI-20473)
  1. I like the taste.
  2. Peer pressure. Mr. M likes it A LOT more than I do, so I sometimes drink it to fit in.
  3. My brain tells me it benefits from the caffeine in the morning. I really don't believe it.
  4. Drinking a Starbucks coffee makes you 10 times cooler than you normally are.
  5. I enjoy the somewhat odd coffee bean/nutty smell my lips emit after drinking a lot of coffee.
  6. I enjoy my options. Splenda or Sugar? Full-caf, half-caf, or Decaf? Cream or Non-fat? Big or Little?
  7. Peer pressure. The girls at work go on coffee trips during the week, and I go with them to fit in.
  8. There's just something about holding a warm mug in your hands on chilly days.
  9. If I am feeling nibbly, it is a great distraction and much less caloric.
  10. I may just be addicted.

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