January 27, 2011

Long-Lost No More

I have no childhood friends. You know, those friends that you grew up with since you were in diapers and had gone through all the ups and downs of life with. I am going to admit that sometimes I am jealous of Mr. M because he has those friends. For the longest time, I felt like I had this empty part of me that yearned to be filled by a lifelong friend.

I grew up moving every three years or so. My dad was in the Navy. In my lifetime, I have lived in 13 different homes (not including my college dorm) in 5 different states.I think all of the moving has helped me adapt really well to change, although I notice since I am getting older, I tend to like it less and less.

The first time I had to change schools, I was in fourth grade. I thought I had a childhood friend in V. Before my family moved, we promised each other we would keep in touch. I tried my hardest on my end to do so, but somehow contact just wound up dwindling away. I then had other major school changes in seventh grade and then again in eighth grade. I had good friends in both schools, and we all promised to keep in touch. It never lasted long.

In my lifetime, I have had a lot of incredible friendships. And since the dawn of social media, I can now happily say that I can keep in touch with a lot of those great friends, including V, whom I never thought I would ever hear from again. I sometimes get sad that I cannot physically be there with them, but being able to get in touch with just a few taps on my keyboard and the click of my mouse fills that empty part of me as best as it will ever be filled. I have awesome friends in California, Alabama, Colorado, and many other states, and it is great to be able to keep in touch with all of them.

I know I will never have those childhood friendships like Mr. M has, but I am happy with the background I have. And I am now very thankful for social media that allows me to stay in touch with long-lost friends that are long-lost no more.


  1. Your bestest friend :)9/26/11, 10:03 AM

    I may not be a childhood friend, but You are my bestest friend and I am so glad you came into my life when you did! Plus its a bonus that we are related!! Love you my chickie!!

  2. It's so hard to stay in touch, even when drifting apart isn't really what either person wants. I'm thankful for social media to help bridge the distance.

  3. I moved a handful of times when I was younger as well. My dad's company had us moving several times, so I've lost friends with a lot of great people and can easily relate to your story. Thank goodness for facebook/twitter/internet in general.

  4. Thank goodness for social media! It is so hard to keep childhood friends when you move away! A childhood friend found me through FB, and I had looked for her too, but she had dropped her maiden name.

  5. I think it is great you had the opportunity to move and meet new people. I live in a small town in the mountains that is somewhat isolated. I see many people here who have never had the chance to develop those skills, they don't know how to greet someone new and get to know them. It is sad. I moved a few times growing up and there is nothing like that first day of school in a new school, it was so scary. I think those experiences made me a better person. Loved your post!

  6. I can totally relate on not having childhood friends. My SIL has several of them, and my husband still has his too, but I lost mine years ago. I just reconnected with one of them, thanks to my blog, but there was so much I wish we hadn't missed in each other's lives.

  7. I'm an Army brat, so I also grew up moving all the time. My oldest friend that I still have is from when I was 10 years old. I've seemed to continue on the moving trend and have moved every few years for the past ten. It's getting old, but at the same time, I get bored in the same place.

  8. I agree! I have a love/hate relationship with social media overall, but most
    of the time, it's definitely more love.

  9. It's good to hear there are other that share the same type of background.
    After marrying Mr. M, I realized that it was a blessing for me to have that
    background, because now Mr. M has friends that drift away and he has a hard
    time understanding why. It's my job to help him with that.

  10. The town my parents are from sounds very similar to your town. I, too, agree
    it is quite sad. I'm glad to hear your experiences with moving, albeit
    scary, were good ones for you!

  11. Can I just say I'm slightly jealous that you were able to hold on to a
    childhood friend? :-) I have noticed I tend to get that moving itch every
    now and then. I feel like it was kind of ingrained into me after all those
    years of moving.


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