January 17, 2011

No-Sew Media Center DIY

To be honest, I am really surprised that I have finished a DIY project so early in the year. I have had the idea for months and somehow I got the initiative to finally follow through with it. 

Our home is a mix of adult furniture mixed with 'big kid' furniture. Our media center is in the 'big kid' department. And I think it is ugly. 

I have been wanting to cover up the stuff on the shelves for as long as I have owned this piece of furniture. Can I call it furniture? I was originally thinking of trying to find something all trendy like a piece of faux bois fabric, but I have had no luck in finding anything of the sort in the limited fabric stores in my area. 

I had to stop by Hancock Fabrics to pick up a skein of floss for my cross-stitch project and while I was there I decided to float around the bolts of fabric to see if anything would spark some inspiration. Lo and behold, I came across some really pretty fabric that is open-weave and has some shine woven into it. It was neutral, which I liked, so I checked out the price. It was on clearance for 97 cents per yard! That's my kind of price! I wound up getting 3 yards just so I would have a lot of extra to work with on another project later.

Did I mention I hate to sew? How about that for irony? I love cross-stitch, but I hate sewing. I can MAYBE sew a button, but that is about the extent of my skills. Thank goodness velcro and stitch-witchery were created! Hems without needle and thread? Perfect! Velcro to attach the fabric to the media center? Perfect, too!

When I got home, I measured how high and how wide my media center was, then added two inches to each measurement. That allowed for a 1-inch hem on all sides. I cut my fabric as straight as possible, which is almost impossible without a yardstick or one of those cool scissor trenches like they have in the craft stores. Then, I cut the stitch-witchery to the length of each of my edges and used it as directed on the packaging. To make sure I got a 1-inch hem all the way across, I used a ruler and inched my way along the length of the fabric (pun intended).

When I was all done with my first hem, this is what I had.

I did the same process for the other three hems, then moved on to attaching the velcro. The velcro I bought has a sticky adhesive on the hook part to attach to a smooth surface (my yucky media center), and the other part has an adhesive that is activated by heat and can be attached to fabric. Please make sure you read the directions and pay attention to what part you are working with! I actually read the directions first, but still wound up trying to attach the sticky hook part to my fabric. I got maybe halfway along when I realized I was using the wrong part! Luckily, the adhesive wasn't sticky enough to pull my fabric apart. After realizing my mistake, I finally got to apply the velcro to the top and bottom hems of my fabric. Make sure the velcro is adhered really well, especially in the corners.

Then, all I had to do was attach a velcro strip to the top of my media center, like so.

I decided to add just two squares of velcro to the bottom corners of the fabric to allow for easy access to our electronics stuff. To figure out where the pieces should go, you could measure everything. I hate to measure if I do not really need to, so I hooked the bottom velcro pieces to the velcro on my fabric. Then, I peeled the paper off the back of the sticky part and applied it to the bottom of my media center. Having a velcro strip across the whole bottom of the fabric gives it some weight, which allows it to hang a little nicer. And this is the end result!

It is only sort of pretty, and still looks 'big kid', but at least I don't have to stare at all the electronic junk on the shelves anymore. And, as a plus, the open weave of the fabric still allows me to use my remotes with the stuff on the shelves. Bonus!

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