January 4, 2011


I love fashion. I try to stay fashionable when I am not home vegging out in my new comfy robe. I am also frugal. Very frugal. Therefore, I am a person that loves fashion that I do not have to pay a lot of moola for. I am one of those overly petite women that would never have a chance of winning America's Next Top Model, although it doesn't hurt to dream about it. Oh, and I drool over some of the clothing and accessories they wear and win on that show!

I also love entering sweepstakes. And, just recently, I had entered the InStyle Boutique sweeps religiously every day while it was going on. Imagine my surprise when they sent me an e-mail telling me I had won! And, of all the possible things it could have been, my prize was a Longchamp clutch! And that's all I knew at the time they sent me the e-mail. But, I did know that Longchamp bags are AMAZING and very, very expensive! They are fashionable and expensive, and I was going to have one!

Imagine my excitement when I am working from home, sick as a dog, and the Fed Ex man drops off a large package this morning. I knew it was my Longchamp! Forgetting about how crappy I was feeling, I lunged out my front door in my comfy robe and slippers, snagged that package with all my might, and was on the floor opening the box like it was Christmas all over again! And, then I was in Heaven!

The Kate Moss for Longchamp Neo Precious clutch in emerald green!
What a beauty!
Is that really her signature on the right?
Now that I have calmed down a bit, my body is reminding me that I feel like crap again. I'll just go ahead and ogle my bag whenever I feel too crappy, and I am sure it will make me feel better again. For me to officially own something that expensive and gorgeous is something I would never have imagined! 

I apologize if it sounds like I am gloating or bragging. I, in no way, ever want to sound like I am! But, I just had to tell somebody that appreciates fashion more than Mr. M. I hope you understand!


  1. Congrats on your win!! That's a gorgeous bag!!!

  2. WOWZA! What a prize... I see you are having a very Happy New Year!

  3. It definitely makes me feel a lot better, despite starting the new year with
    a nasty cold!

  4. It definitely makes me feel a lot better, despite starting the new year with a nasty cold!


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