February 18, 2011

Black, White, and Stinky

Little Stinker

It has been warm here for the past few days. Abnormally warm. Like temperatures in the 70's warm when our normal for this time of year is in the 40's. And because it has been warm, that little stinker and all of his friends have been invading our homes. 

Just last night, I was working on some cross-stitch. I reached for my scissors to trim a piece of thread, and instead of my one finger hitting my scissors, it hit a little stinker. And it scared the crap out of me because I had no idea what it was at first! Thankfully, he didn't feel threatened enough to release a stink bomb. And he was promptly caught and flushed down the toilet!

As much as I love spring, I do wish that there weren't so many bugs involved!


  1. seeing this photo made me want to go find a big shoe to smash it with... they are almost pretty little bugs - at least in a great photo they look pretty.

  2. Lol! I am one of those odd individuals that feel the need to study a bug and
    become all fascinated before I squish it. This was one of those occasions!
    And, I agree, they are rather 'pretty' in that they have so many intricate
    little details!

  3. yeah, Spring does bring the bugs in! But wow! what a great shot of this stink bug!!!

  4. From this perspective he looks so huge. :)
    Great shot!

  5. We get those in the garden during the summer - we call them shield bugs - never realised that they also had the name stink bug. Great shot.

  6. Chic Homeschool Mama9/26/11, 10:04 AM

    Great shot but I have to say that I probably would have screamed so loud that everyone reading this would have heard me. I am totally freaked out by bugs.

  7. Nice capture!

    Thanks for stopping by.


  8. I don't know if that would be a good thing if he was actually huge. I don't
    think I could handle monster-sized stink bugs! :-)

  9. I never heard them called shield bugs before. But, I can see why you would
    call them that.

  10. I definitely screamed when I touched the one on my scissors! It scared the
    crap out of my husband, too!

  11. Oh gosh! Not sure I'd have stuck around to take the picture. LOL! But great capture!

  12. He wasn't as fast as some of those critters can be. He looked like he was
    moving in slow motion, which helped me be brave enough to get close to him.

  13. Great capture, the bug looks huge! Nice job!

  14. oh my god! I hate these bugs! hate! we get them a lot here in Italy, they are everywhere and I cannot stand them. I would never think to take a photo of it but the shot turned out pretty nice for you.


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