February 23, 2011

New Review Soon

There is one thing that I really, truly love about the internet. Well, maybe there are lots of things, but one thing that I use very regularly are customer reviews. And there is a plethora of them on the web, for anything from shoes to food to appliances to cars! I believe they are indispensable, but I also believe that you have to be careful with what reviews you are looking for. I have noticed that the vast majority of people tend to submit a review if it is negative much more often than if it is positive. I, personally, love finding those positive reviews and love to provide positive ones when I can.

I am also very wary of using a new online shopping site unless I have heard great things about it. And it is a definite plus when I have a chance to review it myself. So, in the not too distant future, I hope to write a great review about CSN stores.

I have heard about CSN stores through several other blogs, but still did not feel comfortable enough to make the leap into using them. I was approached the other week about my potential for reviewing their site and I am very happy to be doing so! If you have never heard of CSN stores, they have an abundance of sites (over 200!) and offer just about everything, from cookware to lights, and even the kitchen sink!

I may be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of sites and products available, but I am committed to bringing you a great review so you will not have to feel overwhelmed or hesitant!

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