March 31, 2011

Early Anniversary Trip - Part 1

I am a contractor for the government. I had recently moved to another position within my company when a few months after starting I learned that my company had lost the contract. Thankfully, nobody lost their job and most transitioned to the new company back in July 2010. I am one of the few still waiting to transition (money complicates things) and I was originally supposed to transition at the end of March. Therefore, Mr. M and I had planned to celebrate our anniversary a little early so I could use some leave time, if need be.

We have made it a tradition to stay at a bed and breakfast each year for our anniversary. Last year, we stayed in St. Michael's, MD and went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner, The Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, MD. This year, we wanted to go back to the same restaurant, but decided to stay at a different B&B, even for just one night. And we are so happy we did! Because we had such enjoyable experiences at both the restaurant and B&B, this will be a two-part series so I can dedicate an equal amount of attention to both.

The weekend of our trip happened to be the last weekend of Talbot Restaurant Week, so I was overjoyed at having the opportunity to try a 3-course meal at a discounted price. The Bartlett Pear Inn is a gorgeous 220-year-old home that was converted into a bed and breakfast and fine-scale restaurant just about a year and a half ago.

Walking into the inn, it was nice to see a mix of contemporary art and furnishings with the period architecture and trim. The atmosphere of the restaurant is so serene with its bluish-grayish-purplish walls and is very intimate with only about 10 or so tables.

All of the staff were extremely friendly and happy to help with absolutely anything. Upon arriving, I asked the hostess if they would mind if I took a few photos. She told me she would check with the manager/head chef and get back to me, but she did not see a problem if I was not disturbing any of the other guests. It turns out that the manager/head chef was so delighted that I asked, that he wanted me to come back tot the kitchen so he could meet me and thank me for my thoughtfulness. So, after Mr. M and I ordered our food, I went back to say hi.

Chef Jordan and his wife Alice were a pleasure to meet and so genuinely nice! Chef Jordan gave me a tour of their very tiny kitchen that worked like a well-oiled machine.

That's Chef Jordan on the left.
I was particularly impressed with their simulated white tablecloth on which they sat all food to be served to make sure the presentation was perfect.

I am such a goofball and totally forgot to take a picture of Jordan and Alice! What can I say? I was just a tad overwhelmed with the fact that I got to meet the head chef, who had worked for three four-star chefs and two five-star, five-diamond restaurants before opening his own place!

And the food? Let's just say that Mr. M and I have decided that we will be making it a tradition to come to the Bartlett Pear Inn every year for our anniversary. It is that good! And they also gave us a sweet little anniversary card with everybody's signature on it in addition to a complimentary champagne toast.

Now, on to the food! Here was Mr. M's 3-course meal.

1st: Inn Made French Fries, Classic Bernaise, and Malt Vinegar Ketchup
2nd: "Creekstone Farms" 16oz Cote de Beouf, Grilled and Sliced w/Peppercorn Demi Glace and Lamb's Lettuce
3rd: Chocolate Tart w/Marcona Almonds and Chocolate Ice Cream
And my 3-course meal.

1st: "Garbure" Refined Gascony Stew - Puree of Country Vegetable Soup, "Cottingham Farms" Glazed Carrots, Duck Jus
2nd: Potato Crusted Wild King Salmon, Brussel Sprout Leaves, Boulangere Sauce
3rd: Baked Pear Tart, Malted Vanilla Ice Cream, Almond Cream
And how easy is it to take food photos when the food is that gorgeous??

And upon Mr. M's request, here is a special shout-out to our server, Valerie. She was one of the best servers we have ever had! So knowledgeable and poised, but not stuffy. And fun, too! And thanks for taking our photo before the best desserts ever!

If you ever happen to be on Maryland's Eastern Shore, make sure you drive to Easton to visit the Bartlett Pear Inn. You will not regret it!

This post happened in perfect timing with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, and falls under the 'Memorable Dinner' topic.


  1. Oh, wow. That food looks heavenly, and the restaurant exquisite! I'll have to find a reason to visit Maryland some time...

    Visiting from Mama Kat's! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Wow. Fancy. Quite a long way from Oklahoma though. Ill have to see if we have anything even remotely as quaint.


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