March 17, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

Lately, I feel like my days and weeks have been flying by at the speed of light. And I feel like I haven't accomplished much of anything. Today is a great example. Normally, I would follow MamaKat's writing prompts and have a random post for today. I did not even realize it was Thursday until I saw her post from her own writing prompts. Doink.

Then there is my Project 365, or lack of it, lately. I have not taken a photo for at least a full week now. I don't know if it is because I am too much of a perfectionist and feel like my last few photos were sub-par so now I am discouraged, or if I am just plain tired. It takes a lot of time to not only take the photos, but then upload them, maybe edit them, then actually post them, too.

Regardless, I feel like I have not had much time to do anything other than the normal daily stuff lately. And then when I do have some free time, I feel way too exhausted to get my butt moving to do anything. Sometimes, I want to find a hole to crawl into and not come out for a while, just so I can rest.

I do not want this post to sound like I am whining. I really am not. I think I am writing this more for my own benefit, so that I have an opportunity to wake myself up and maybe figure out why I am feeling the way I am. Maybe it is not enough time in the day. Maybe I am just unmotivated and lazy. Maybe I am just exhausted. Or maybe it is something more. Regardless, I hope I snap out of it soon.

More photos will be coming soon. Well, the ones I have taken and have not yet posted. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things again soon, so please be patient with me.

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