April 14, 2011

Creating a Multi-Functional Space

What a mess! This is just complete mayhem! Mr. M has taken to using our dining table as his office, which rarely ever gets straightened up. Combining that with all of the extra 'stuff' sitting around on the floor, this part of the house is definitely my least favorite.

After some brainstorming and re-arranging, I came up with a furniture arrangement that does not seem to be as chaotic. For visual effect, I have not moved Mr. M's paperwork, and it still appears a little more tidy than the before picture.

Since I have taken this picture, a 3-tier black mesh paper organizer was hung to the right of the small shadowbox on my gallery wall. It seems to balance everything out and provides Mr. M with a little more storage space. In our home, he officially has the upstairs office/storage room, two baskets in our living room, and a basket, file folder holder, and mesh basket in the kitchen to contain his business stuff. Now there will be no excuse to leave papers strewn all over our dining table. Well, at least if I can help it!

Does anybody have any great storage ideas for limited budgets and limited space? I will take any and all ideas I can get! This whole business organization thing is definitely a work in progress!

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