April 15, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

This has been my second least favorite part of my house, following closely after my dining area debacle. Considering that this is the wall I look at the most, what with the television being there to stare back at me, you would think this wall would have been made pretty much earlier. I can not even classify this as any design, even with my cute/somewhat ghetto little DIY project.

I have had a set of mirrors packed away in a box for several years and have been hemming and hawing about taking them to my local consignment shop, never having the guts to part with them. Several weeks ago, I brought them downstairs to get ready to take them to the consignment shop, but stalled. I unpacked a few to get another good look at them, and then came to the realization that they would totally fit around my television. Following the 'hang paper on the wall in the shape of your hangings' trick that I have seen on several different blogs, I suddenly became excited about using the mirrors once again. I needed something nice to look at besides a blank wall with one frame on it! Below is the arrangement I finally decided on.

And here is the final product!

The rabbit ears, ugly foldable crate, and baskets definitely don't add to the finished look, but at least it is better than what it was before. And because our living room is small, narrow, and sometimes dark, the mirrors really add light and depth that was previously lacking. I can now sit happily across from this wall!

Now if only I could paint...

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