April 7, 2011

Success Does Not Come Easy

That is something Mr. M is learning as he progresses with his business. The trials and tribulations of being a small business owner sometimes seem to outweigh the successes, no matter how big or small they are. At times, it can be very overwhelming for Mr. M and myself. I have to be the constant cheerleader, but also the one that has to talk some sense at times. The business is very demanding for both of us, although I do not play a direct part in the usual day-to-day stuff.

Being in the blog world, I have the chance to read blogs written by others that also have their own businesses. At times, I feel envious of them, as they always seem to never really have any problems, at least on the surface. I have been a long-time follower of Jess, of both her blog and her business. And she posted today what is now one of my all-time favorite posts. I love her transparency about herself and her business!

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