April 8, 2011

What a Difference a Drape Makes

Something had been bugging me recently in both my living room and bedroom. Something just was not sitting well with me and I really couldn't put my finger on it.

Last Friday, I took the day off. A much needed day off to just do things I had been wanting to do amidst a bit of relaxation. I decided to poke around a few local stores and eventually found myself in Target. I always end up there somehow. Anyway, I was poking around their curtain aisle when I came across the cutest curtains that would go in our bedroom. I brought them home and promptly hung them up in my bedroom in hopes that they would be that fix I needed.

Closeup of print on curtains.
I have been hoping to have a calm mix of colors (blue, brown, and a hint of rust/gold) in our bedroom. I know I have a decent start (although I hate that I can't paint, dang rental), and the new curtains made me so much happier after they were hung.

Below is the before picture. The curtains were okay, but were gradually growing blah on me. And it seemed to just drag everything down.

And here's the after picture. They really lighten things up, especially with the dark furniture and brown duvet. And the curtains were much cheaper than buying a new duvet or quilt, so I am pretty happy for now.

So, what did I do with the curtains I had in the bedroom?

I switched them out with the curtains I previously had hanging in the living room! It was a much needed change, too! The red sheers, as pictured below, seemed to make the living room feel drab. We have darker furniture in there, too, and the darker curtains were getting rather depressing. Plus, they made my recliner seem way too yellowish/goldish.

I'm lazy and didn't bother moving Mr. M's shoe or sign. That's how I roll.
So, what do you think? I think it is a welcome change! And the chair is a bit more toned down, too. And don't worry, I had Mr. M raise the curtain rod promptly. I just didn't get a picture after it was raised.

I'm lazy and didn't bother moving Mr. M's sign or shoe, along with the old curtains. That's how I roll.

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  1. Love your site!! Just blog hopped and fell upon it! It is amazing what drapes and some decor pillows can do to a room, right? Love this!!

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