June 30, 2011

Golf Balls and Spiders, Oh My!

I sit at the Border's next to a window, waiting for him to arrive and start our first date. I find myself not at all nervous. I am actually pretty laid-back and ready to just go with the flow. Recently, I had come into my own and learned a lot about myself as an individual, what I want in life, and how to enjoy the simple things in life. This date did not seem like anything monumental, although I can say that he was quite the cutie-patootie when he asked me out after church the other day. I was certainly intrigued by him and wanting to learn more.

He pulls up along the curb in the White Pony. He does not see me sitting in the window watching his arrival. I could tell he was a bit nervous when he got out of the truck and walked over to my side waiting to open the door for me. I gather my things and make my way outside. We exchange a friendly greeting (I can't remember if we hugged or not.), he opens my door, and I plop myself inside the truck. 

Our first destination was dinner. We took a short drive to an Italian restaurant that has a great atmosphere and was perfect for relaxed conversation. The conversation was indeed relaxed and flowed quite easily. I could have talked to him forever! As for what we talked about, I really cannot remember as other more memorable moments to this date were about to unfold.

We walked back to the White Pony and he opened my door for me. I got in and saw that his door was still locked, and the locks were not electronic. Normally, I would be that good date that leans over and unlocks his door, but for some reason, I did not do that. I just sat with my boxed leftover food on my lap.

Originally, the next part of our date was to be some bowling, but when we arrived at the bowling alley, it turned out to be league night with no open lanes. Plan B turned out to be hitting a few golf balls at the local driving range. Now, I do not play golf, and have only swung a golf club a total of maybe 3 or 4 times in my entire life. But, considering how much I was enjoying my date so far, why not just go for it? Thankfully, it was a nice night so I kicked off my heels to hit some golf balls properly. Well, my version of proper, at least.

We were enjoying just being silly, hitting golf balls, and being generally chatty. Of course, he hit his golf balls wonderfully. Me, not so much, although I was proud I did hit a few pretty good ones. Well, good for me, at least. The most memorable shot was one of the last of the night. My spot happened to be next to a small hill with a small retaining wall that I was facing. I tried to swing as perfectly as I could, made contact with the ball, which then proceeded to bounce off of the retaining wall, whiz right past my date's head, then bounce off of the pole supporting a covered part of the driving range. His face was filled with surprise and laughter all at the same time. I could not believe what just happened. It was like something straight out of a movie! But, that did not kill the night. Rather, we both laughed about it and continued on. He finished with his golf balls before me so he then helped place my golf balls before I would swing. It was so cute!

After we ran out of balls, we decided to head back to his place for a little bit just to chat and put a nice end to the night. On our way, I discovered something rather large crawling across his dashboard. In the dark, it looked a lot bigger than it probably really was. But, regardless, it turned out to be a spider! I hate spiders! I instantly curled myself up in his seat hoping that it would not crawl on me before we got to his place. I was frantic. And he was laughing. Good times.

Once we get to his place we settle on the couch and just chat. And chat. And chat. And chat. At some point we decided it was getting pretty late and that we really should end the night, although I really wanted to spend more time with him. He walked me back to my car, we chatted some more, I gave him a hug, and I was on my way.

I do not think I will ever forget Mr. M's and my first date. It really was quite memorable in all sorts of wonderful little ways, and a little over 5 years later, we still talk about that day and laugh about it. I never would have thought at the beginning of that date that he would become my husband, but I can say that I am truly blessed that he did.

And I still get flack for not unlocking his door for him at the restaurant.

June 29, 2011

New York's Skinniest House...

It is up for sale again! And with a much steeper price tag. When I last wrote about it back in August 2009, it was being sold for 2.7 million dollars. In almost two years' time, that sale price is now almost double at 4.3 million dollars.

Check out this article from MSNBC, which also contains a video of the inside of the house. It is absolutely gorgeous, but am not too sure about the wall that can open up off of the bathroom...

Balancing Act

When we first moved into my townhome, we had arranged our furniture differently than what it is today. Several of my favorite wall hangings were added to the main wall in a way that suited the original furniture layout. For a while the group of wall hangings looked off-center. I had lived with it that way for a while, but I was becoming more and more discontent with it. And I really did not want to move the pieces that were already up there. Please observe.


See what I mean? It was very off-center.

I had this 11x14 framed picture that I wanted to hang with the existing grouping.


And here is its paper mock-up hung where I was wanting to add it to the group.


My predicament was then figuring out what to add above the paper mock-up. I was thinking of possibly adding a shelf to display a few items, but could not find a length I was happy with. My mom gave me one to try, but it turned out to be longer than I wanted, plus I would have had to paint it. I was also considering some type of wall art, but because I already had the wall art of the branch, I was not sure if more wall art would be the answer. I was at a loss. And I also did not want to spend a whole lot of money, so that complicated things a bit.

Enter a blog giveaway for a $150 gift certificate to Joss and Main. And me winning it. It took me several weeks of watching their rotating sales, but I soon happened upon a print inspired by the Disney movie, Mary Poppins. It had the colors I like to have in the room, appeared to be the perfect length and height, and was already framed.

Now I am happy that the wall looks a bit more balanced.




June 27, 2011

Wear I Work - The Beginning

Regretfully, my first few sets of photos will not be current, but they  will still apply to working in an air-conditioned office, no matter how hot it has been so far this year. Seriously, two heat waves before summer was even officially here was a bit much!

Dress: Chadwicks, Shoes: JustFab.com

I love this dress. I've worn it to weddings, church, and work, and it never fails to be super cute and super comfortable. I especially love the length and the ruching around the waist which provides great definition  and makes my super short legs (Thanks, Dad) appear longer.

Shirt: Target, Jeans: Martin & Osa, Shoes: Lucky Brand

There is no dress code where I work, so wearing something super casual is nice to do on occasion. The jeans are grey although they look a bit blueish in the photo. I am rather sad that Martin & Osa went out of business, but I can also say that I was more of a fan of their tops and sweaters than their jeans. This pair is the better out of two I own, but they both fit really weird after only being on for a short time. Ah, well. They were on sale.

Top: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Kmart, Shoes: Kmart

This is not a favorite outfit of mine after seeing it in photos. But, I was dying to wear the necklace, which I had just gotten from Premier Designs. So pink and neutral was my choice. The skirt's a bit wrinkly at the end of the day, but I really can't complain too much, since the price was great. I think I need to start investing in pieces that have a better wear to them. I'm such a cheapskate sometimes.

June 25, 2011

Wear I Work

Welcome to my new fashion feature! One of the things I most love about the blogging world are those bloggers that are brave enough to present their fashion ideas to the world. I have gathered so much inspiration from them and now want to put that to good use, all while refining my own style and documenting it here.

Because I wear pretty much the same thing every weekend (my weekend-warrior outfits), this feature will be for mostly what I wear to work. I try to work what I wear and I try to do that at work, especially since the vast majority of the people in my field are fashion-backward. This is my attempt at keeping things fun but still work appropriate, all while I stick out like a sore thumb amidst birkenstocks with slacks, t-shirts not covering leggings, and 80's wash jeans (not the ones that are in style now) with t-shirts and sneakers.

I may post one outfit, I may post five. I will do my best to accumulate outfits throughout the week and then post them sometime on the following Monday.

And this is the start of what I hope is a great feature!

June 9, 2011

I'm Blushing

I love cross-stitching. And, not to sound haughty about it, but I believe I do great work. I mean, I should after stitching for 20+ years! What makes things really great, though, is when others acknowledge my work. It gives you that extra boost that makes you feel so good! So, I extend my thanks to The Cottage Needle for including my Home Is Best piece in her Etsy treasury titled {Needle Artist Extraordinaire}.

June 6, 2011

Delays Are No Fun

I was hoping to get my outfit posts started like yesterday, but that hasn't happened. It turns out, Mr. M's schedule has somewhat shifted, so by the time I get home and am ready to post some photos to the blog, Mr. M already has our computer for THE WHOLE NIGHT. By the time I can use it, I am ready for bed. So, sorry for not getting this fashion feature started as soon as I had promised.

I have to figure out a way to sneak in some of my own personal computer time to get my photos on this blog. And once I figure it out, you will be seeing some great posts. And not just outfits! I have another home-related post coming, as well as a post or two about spending Memorial Day weekend with my family. They just need to have photos added.

So, don't worry. I'm still here! And I am determined to get back to regular posting (with photos!).
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