June 25, 2011

Wear I Work

Welcome to my new fashion feature! One of the things I most love about the blogging world are those bloggers that are brave enough to present their fashion ideas to the world. I have gathered so much inspiration from them and now want to put that to good use, all while refining my own style and documenting it here.

Because I wear pretty much the same thing every weekend (my weekend-warrior outfits), this feature will be for mostly what I wear to work. I try to work what I wear and I try to do that at work, especially since the vast majority of the people in my field are fashion-backward. This is my attempt at keeping things fun but still work appropriate, all while I stick out like a sore thumb amidst birkenstocks with slacks, t-shirts not covering leggings, and 80's wash jeans (not the ones that are in style now) with t-shirts and sneakers.

I may post one outfit, I may post five. I will do my best to accumulate outfits throughout the week and then post them sometime on the following Monday.

And this is the start of what I hope is a great feature!

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