July 22, 2011

Interesting Little Guy (At Least To Me, Anyway)

As much as I hate bugs, I am also completely fascinated by them. If I find ants in the house, I watch them for what seems like hours before I get rid of them. I save earthworms squirming on sidewalks from certain death by the sun. If a bug does not seem too menacing, I will get as up close and personal as possible just to observe. I watch spiders capture bugs in their webs. I even saw a cricket eat a spider.

Now I probably just completely grossed you out. And I grossed myself out by remembering that last bit. Blech...

Anyway, the other day I was sitting in our kitchen when I noticed something that looked like a bee flying around our back deck. That put me on high alert because just last year we had bees living inside our wall, and they would go in and out right next to our deck. So, I instantly thought the bees were trying to make a comeback. But, after I watched for a bit, the 'bee' landed on Mr. M's handtruck right in front of where I was sitting.


Okay, yuck. I did not realize how huge he would appear in this post. Regardless of yuck, I was totally intrigued by its wings and the fact that it really did not look completely like a bee. I was thankful to have a window between it and me, but was curious as to what this little critter was called. Enter Google image search.

It turns out that lovely lad (or lass) is a tiger bee fly. So, it is a fly and not a bee. Although when it does fly, it looks like a bee.

If you are interested in reading more about strange bugs I have encountered, check out my post about the Assassin bug that made not one, but two appearances in my home.

And this is probably the most random post ever.

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