July 4, 2011

Wear I Work - Slightly Blurry and Dark

Dress: Downeast Basics, Sweater: New York & Company, Belt: Target, Shoes: so old I don't remember where I got them

I am still trying to get the hang of using my camera on the tripod. I am a bit blurry today. But, I cannot depend on Mr. M to take my photos everyday because:

  1. He is usually home several hours after I get home and by then I am in my comfy clothes for the night.
  2. He loves taking pictures of ceilings and sky, so I'd probably never have any feet.
  3. I really don't think he cares if I take photos to post on my blog. He has other things to do anyway.

The dress is fantastic. Downeast Basics has some great basic pieces as well as some really pretty and inexpensive dresses. I am always trolling their site to see what they have added. 

Shirt: Target, Sweater: The Limited, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Lucky Brand

I still haven't decided if love the sweater. It is very comfortable, but I always find myself fussing with the tie and wondering if I should replace it with a belt.

Shirt: Target, Sweater: Target, Jeans: New York & Company, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Downeast Basics

Not much to say about this outfit. I love the shirt and it is wonderful to wear on warm days. I am also a huge fan of cardigans, especially oddly colored ones. I am on the hunt for a nice blue one, but have not yet found one that I am happy enough with to bring home.

I also need to figure out how to get more light down towards my feet. I am noticing it is darker there and it is hard to see my shoes sometimes. Something to improve upon...

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