August 31, 2011

Wear I Work - My Colorblocking

Top: Michael Micheal Kors, Shorts: New York & Company
I know I just posted about this shirt a little bit ago, but I had realized not long after that I had the items to allow me to jump on the colorblocking bandwagon. So, this is my colorblock post. Hot pink shorts and an orange shirt makes me happy. Oh, and I have no feet because I was not wearing shoes. Therefore, you will not see my feet.

August 29, 2011

Wear I Work - Outside My Own Box

Top: Target, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Just Fabulous, Belt: Target, Necklace: Premier Designs 

When it comes to accessories, particularly belts, I am usually a neutral person and never stray from neutral (that is black, brown, tan, etc.). On a whim, I bought this belt on clearance from Target. I love their clearance sections! Never did I think I would pair this dark pink belt with an emerald green shirt and a multi-colored skirt. But, somehow, it works! And Mr. M even had the fashion sense to tell me 'Only you could make a pink belt work with a green shirt.'

I am really enjoying this fashion blog thing, especially since it is really giving me an outlet to be creative and, maybe someday, daring with the items in my closet. For now, I am liking that I really put some thought into what I will wear in the mornings adn am having a lot of fun with it.

Fall should be an adventure for me, though. I always feel like my cooler weather clothing is lacking. Maybe I'll finally have to step it up.

August 26, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Sorry this post is going up later than normal. I've been flitting about in preparation for Irene and trying to fit in actual work. Thank goodness there's a potential for just tropical storm winds here!


1.  One of life's most simple pleasures is - hearing a baby laugh.

2.  People that drive like complete morons in bad weather, endangering themselves as well as other people, makes me want to punch someone. Although, I would never, ever punch anybody, no matter how mad or frustrated I got. I hate DC traffic.

3.  I like cross-stitch because it is meticulous, tiny, and colorful.

4.  Worcestershire is a funny word. I never know how to pronounce it right. That and Sriracha.

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be - extra virgin olive oil. It is great for cleansing and moisturizing your face, as well as your whole body.

6.  I'm happy that - it is almost the weekend. Is it weird that I am hoping the power goes out, even if only for a little bit, so I can play board games with Mr. M in candlelight?

7.  I would never - compete on Wipeout purely because I can't swim at all. If there were no water involved, I'd be all over it. I love that show. It has been proven to make me laugh out loud!

Have an awesome weekend! 

August 24, 2011

Wear I Work - Bordeaux

Top: Express, Jeans: New York & Company (similar), Shoes: Shoedazzle, Necklace: New York & Company

I love how all one color or all dark/light colors give a slimming effect. The shirt really helps, too, since it is ruched practically everywhere, hiding just about anything. Or, maybe it's the pose that has the slimming effect, too. I shouldn't use too many slimming effects at once. How cool would it be if you piled on all kinds of slimming effects and they all had a quantitative slimming effect? You could lose 5 dress sizes in just minutes using this effect, this effect, on top of this effect, and this effect! 

There would have to be warning for slim people, though, because it may make them altogether disappear. And supermodels would not be allowed to use any effects.

August 22, 2011

Wear I Work - Citrus Edition

Top: Michael Michael Kors, Shorts: thrifted, Shoes: Rampage via Marshall's

My company allows me to work from home one day a week. I don't tend to stay in my pajamas, but I do tend towards wearing what I call comfy clothes, which aren't in the least bit fashionable.

I was thinking... Not sure if you saw the smoke coming out of my ears with all that thinking, which isn't much for me sometimes... 

Because I have an extra hour and a half on my work from home day because of no commute, why don't I take some of that extra time to get dressed in something presentable for this blog? It would make complete sense, and I would not feel completely rushed to take a photo. When I commute, I usually run straight upstairs, usually overheated and unkempt from a stressful drive in DC traffic, throw any clutter to the side, set up my camera, take a few photos, and hope they turn out okay. I usually hurry through this because somehow I have to fit in a workout, shower, and cooked dinner before Mr. M gets home to eat and has to leave again. Whew!

And, yes, somehow I manage to cook an actual dinner every night.

August 19, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

This week has been a great week. Between Mr. M's big contract and things I have been doing to stress less and stay positive, I couldn't ask for more. Here's to a great weekend to follow...

1.  My idea of pure perfection would be - a day without any kind of stress, beautiful sunshiney weather, lots of fun with friends and family, and lots of smiles. And, no, sunshiney is not technically a word.

2.  Love, laughter, and grace makes the world go 'round.

3.  If it weren't for - my husband, I - would not continually strive to be a better person.

4.  Bloggers are - a great community of inspirational people. They enrich others' lives in so many different ways, and I am so glad to have discovered the blogging community.

5.  If I had - just enough money, I'd buy you - that one thing you quietly yearn for but never actually purchase for yourself.

6.  I'm glad it's Friday because - I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Last weekend was pretty crazy, so I try to enjoy the quiet weekends as much as I can.

7.  Something I'm excited about is - Mr. M's contract, of course! And my mom coming to visit at the end of next month. I love when she visits!

August 18, 2011

Exciting Things Happening!

I really do not know how much I could possibly gush about how proud I am of Mr. M and how he has followed his dream of having his own business. But, I can gush so much more about him now!

As of last night, S & N Construction has landed its biggest contract to date! Mr. M is ecstatic, but is also completely overwhelmed. He cannot wait to get started! As soon as he gets a set of plans from his architect, he will have this job going in no time! 

Because this blog does have 'Power Tools' in its name means you will occasionally see Mr. M's work here. And with this new and exciting job will come 'Before' pictures, 'During' pictures, and 'After' pictures. So stay tuned!

I will forewarn you. All photos will probably be taken by Mr. M, so I will excuse them in advance if they are not what you would expect to see on this blog. He loves to include a lot of sky and ceilings, along with a lot of close-ups. I will do my best to coach him through his photo process.  :-)

August 17, 2011

Wear I Work - My Version of Neutral

Top: thrifted, Cami: Delia's, Jeans: New York & Company, Shoes: Target
Normally, I hate banded-bottom shirts since they create a visual cut-off between my legs and torso, making my legs appear much shorter than they already are. But, every once in a while, I will make an exception, and this top was one. I love that it is knit to look like lace and is in somewhat of a neutral color. Neutral for me, at least, considering the plethora of brightly colored tops I have in my closet. I find I do not have very many interesting layering pieces (other than cardigans). This is the only one so far, and that must be remedied!

August 15, 2011

Wear I Work - What Was Once a Maxi (and a discount)

Dress: K-mart, Necklace: Modcloth, Shoes: Target
This dress used to be a maxi. Being petite, I was not sure a maxi dress would work for me. I made the mistake of having my mom hem it before I washed it. It was perfect, then it became long, but at a weird long length that was reminiscent of flood pants. Although this was a dress. So, my lovely mom hemmed it again to knee-length for me. And it has been perfect ever since.

For the office, I throw a cute sweater on to nix the whole sleeveless thing.

So, about that discount. I have blogged about eShakti several times before (here and here), and I still absolutely love their clothes and their fabulous selection. And the fact that you can get anything custom-made to your measurements is still completely awesome to me! They have generously offered a discount that you can use for $20 off your next order. Just enter "COLIE0811" when you order to receive the discount. It may be used once per order, cannot be combined with other offers, and is not valid on Overstock items. This offer ends Sept. 15, 2011.

If you have not had a chance to try eShakti yet, then this is the perfect time. You will be impressed by their quality and customer service!

August 12, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's Lauren's birthday!
In celebration of Lauren's birthday, what could be better than a birthday themed Fill in the Blank Friday?

1.  My most favorite birthday was -I was in elementary school and my dad got on this kick of having clowns perform at our birthday parties. Sugarbell performed at mine. I got to bake a 'cake' with her that turned out to be doves flying out of her oven. My parents have it on video and I giggled incessantly through the whole trick. What would put this birthday even higher on the list is if I were able to wear regular kid summer clothes instead of a frou-frou dress (because I was the birthday girl). Thanks, Mom!

2.  My worst birthday was - something that must have been so bad that I blocked it out of my memory. I really, honestly, cannot think of any.

3.  My favorite birthday memory is - when I had a super, low-key 21st birthday at home. My parents and several great family friends took me out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. In my parents' neck of the woods, that is almost along the lines of gourmet. Anyway, the best part was having a man dressed in a gorilla suit show up to deliver me 'Happy Birthday' balloons. Thanks, Dad! You are always the best at the over-the-top, borderline I-want-to-crawl-under-the-table surprises! And I love him for that, too!

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was - my Canon G11 camera that Mr. M bought for me on my 30th. Talk about a splurge!

5.  The best birthday present I've ever given was - an old-school, classic Nintendo game console with a Metroid game that I gave to Mr. M before he was my hubby. Metroid was his favorite game and he could not believe his eyes when he opened his present. It was promptly hooked up to the nearest television and I had the pleasure of learning his 'Nintendo face'. That is the unconscious face you make when you are hard-core concentrating on video games.

6.  Birthdays are - great for celebrating a person and showing your appreciation for them. I do believe some people take it way too far and think they can act like divas or brats on their birthdays. But, you  know, it is just another day. It is fun to have a party and get gifts sometimes, but I definitely don't think that should be what birthdays are all about.

7.  My favorite age so far has been - 27. That's when Mr. M and I got married!

Stop over and wish Lauren a Happy Birthday and join in the fill-in-the-blank fun!

August 10, 2011

Wear I Work - It's Black and White

Top: Martin & Osa, Skirt: Loft, Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: The Limited

I don't wear this skirt very often, so I thought I would break it out of the closet for a change. Pairing it with a simple black t-shirt with some cute sleeve detail keeps it from looking too dressy for the office. And, I could not resist wearing the earrings with it. They are super pretty and not too overwhelming when paired with my glasses. I used to love wearing longer and bigger earrings when I used to wear contacts, but after having a pretty scary discovery about my eyes I converted to glasses full-time. The combination of big earrings with glasses and super short hair is just too much for me. 

August 8, 2011

Wear I Work - Next Time I'll Try A White Belt

Dress: The Limited, Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I just realized I hadn't posted this outfit yet. These photos were obviously taken before my lighting epiphany. One of the guards in the building where I work absolutely loved my shoes. She asked me where I got them, but she does not live close to that particular store. So, I found a few copycats online that I told her about. You can find them here, here, or here, and I am sure there are other places, as well. At first I did not think they would be very comfortable, but it turns out I could practically live in them all day!

August 5, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

(photo by Caroline of Coeur de La Photography )

1.  My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is - my rust-colored dress I got from Ann Taylor Loft a few years back. It has a deep V-neck, which really is not suitable for work or church. I love how versatile it is to where I can make it casual dressy or black tie dressy.

2.  This week has been - odd. From losing my favorite green sweater at a McDonald's out-of-state (Target does not sell it anymore in my size = I am very sad), to getting a check in the mail with mine AND my ex's name on it, and dealing with crazy beltway traffic combined with roadwork, I am so looking forward to next week being normal!

3.  When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat - egg sandwiches or pancakes made by Mr. M if I can coerce him into cooking. If not, my choice is usually pizza with banana peppers from Domino's.

4.  My favorite pair of shoes is - the black wedges I just recently got while on a random shopping trip with Mr. M. You'll see them in my upcoming Wear I Work post this Monday. 

5.  A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I could never part with is - the really old bobble-head dog that I got from my grandfather. He used to have a whole collection of them sitting along the top of his radiator, and when I was little I would try to make all of the dogs bob their heads at once. It will always remind me of visits to my grandparents' house and all of the great memories I created there.

6.  My favorite person is - Mr. M, of course! He makes me always want to be a better person and balances me out perfectly. 

7.  If I were going to write my own black, it would say - to write about one random quirk you have that not very many people know about. I'll write about this if it is ever used in Fill in the Blank Friday.  I know, I know. The suspense is just killing you already.

Join in the fun with the little things we do!

August 3, 2011

Wear I Work - Classic and Very Green

Sweater: Target, Pants: The Limited, Shoes: at least 10 years old, no joke, Necklace: gift

That is my most favorite top out of all of the tops in my closet. It is one of those that I really wish I would have bought multiples of and in other colors. It is lightweight enough to wear in the warmer months, but still heavy enough to be comfortable when it gets cooler, too. And those pants? The best fitting pants I have ever owned! I have probably already sung their praises once before, but I still cannot get over how well they fit! And if you hurry right now, they are on super-duper sale! Maybe I should buy more and in other colors if they have them...

August 1, 2011

Wear I Work - Bright Spot

I had an epiphany. For the longest time, I could not figure out why my photos were coming out so dark. Then, I remembered there is a dial on the top of my camera that can adjust the brightness before the photos are taken. I have no idea what it is called, but I at least know what it does. I am pretty happy about just that.

Dress: Tulle (as similar as I could get), Sweater: Target, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Belt: Target (similar)

I am learning that I am really drawn to brights. This day was just another one of those bright days. I love playing with color, especially color combinations that may seem daring to others. I wanted to wear the blue dress so badly, but the top is not work-appropriate as it has just little tiny spaghetti straps. Enter, the cardigan with the belt. At first, I did not think it would work, but I am now so glad that it did.
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