August 18, 2011

Exciting Things Happening!

I really do not know how much I could possibly gush about how proud I am of Mr. M and how he has followed his dream of having his own business. But, I can gush so much more about him now!

As of last night, S & N Construction has landed its biggest contract to date! Mr. M is ecstatic, but is also completely overwhelmed. He cannot wait to get started! As soon as he gets a set of plans from his architect, he will have this job going in no time! 

Because this blog does have 'Power Tools' in its name means you will occasionally see Mr. M's work here. And with this new and exciting job will come 'Before' pictures, 'During' pictures, and 'After' pictures. So stay tuned!

I will forewarn you. All photos will probably be taken by Mr. M, so I will excuse them in advance if they are not what you would expect to see on this blog. He loves to include a lot of sky and ceilings, along with a lot of close-ups. I will do my best to coach him through his photo process.  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Nicole that is so awesome! Congrats to your hubs! I am sure he values your support too! Can't wait to see the work!


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