September 9, 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday

I am so thankful today is finally Friday. I have driven in nasty rain every day this week. Thank you rain train! On the upside, it has really helped me overcome a lot of my anxiety in traffic. On the downside, my body is literally in one big knot. Another upside? My car is probably going to look cleaner than ever!

1.  Somewhere, someone is making a silly face at themselves in the mirror.

2.  Nature is/are my muse.

3.  It would suck if coffee was no more because that is my weekend treat that I always look forward to.

4.  Being able to leave work a little early is/are my favorite thing about today.

5.  Life is kind of like a never ending test of your faith, with tons of tough times to get through, but also a ton more blessings to go along with it.

6.  If I could have anything I wanted, I would want a house that I could call my own and decorate in whatever way pleases me, including painting the walls!

7.  A funny thing happened the other day... but I can't recall what it was.

Have a wonderful weekend! And my prayers go out to all of those, including friends and family, that are affected by the flooding in the northeast. Stay safe!

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