September 26, 2011

Wear I Work - Stripes, Flowers, and Sadness

Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

Necklace:, Bracelet: Jess LC
This weekend was spent with my family in Pennsylvania. I do believe it was much needed as I had not seen my parents for quite some time. It really amazes me how just seeing my parents perks me up so much and I feel 'whole' again. Don't be mistaken. I insanely love Mr. M and we have a wonderful relationship, but there's just nothing like being with family.

My parents live very close to several areas that were severely damaged by flooding resulting from tropical storm Lee. I had seen photos online of some of the devastation, and it was very hard to stomach, but on Saturday, we drove through Bloomsburg, one of the hardest hit areas in the region in which my parents live.

The road coming into Bloomsburg is to the right of the homes in the photo. When I first saw this photo, I was shocked. To see a home completely pushed off of its foundation is incredibly heartbreaking. It was even more heartbreaking to see it in person. Homes that had been standing there for over 100 years are no more in just a matter of a day or so. The streets were lined with waterlogged items from individual homes. My heart broke for every individual involved in the flooding and I continue to pray for them. Especially those that may not have had flood insurance and have lost everything.

The human race is incredibly resilient, and I know Bloomsburg will get back on its feet in no time. Still, seeing those homes will haunt me. I could not imagine what it would be like to see my own home inundated with flood waters and not having the ability to do anything about it. Because the flooding is now over you do not hear about it as much in the media, if at all. But, please, please, please continue to keep not only these flood victims in your prayers, but those that suffered further north from flooding from Irene. Our lives may be normal right now, but theirs certainly are not.

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  1. Love your outfit, especially the necklace. Sorry for this tragedy, it's hard to imagine it. Unfortunately it’s happening so often, isn't it?


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