September 22, 2011

Writer's Workshop - Where I'm From

I haven't participated in a writer's workshop with Mama Kat in a long time, but today's workshop uses a template. And I am a huge fan of templates and fill-in-the-blank (hello, Fill-In-the-Blank Friday). So, I figured I'd give this a shot. Will you join?

I am from alphabet magnets clicked on the side of the stove in the middle of the night. From Lucky Charms with all of the marshmallows saved until last.

I am from the new Naval base every 3 years or so, where there seems to be a box that is never fully unpacked.

I am from the morning glories growing on the back fence, which were then used as a secret code word, and the sea grass rustling with the waves lapping gently along the shore.

I am from homemade pizza picnic night on the living room floor and tiny bones with big noses, from Steve and Corrine Slodysko.

I am from the loud, cacophonous bantering of relatives at family gatherings, and Christmas Eve dinners where someone surprises the kids dressed as Santa delivering gifts, and bingo games around Grandma's kitchen table.

From "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite..." with other phrases tacked on to create the longest "good night" ever, and "It's upstairs behind the wallpaper in Maggie's room."

I am from always knowing about God but never really going to church, at least until I was older. One parent that is committed to Christ, and the other I know nothing about.

I'm from the south with parents from the north, German (Pennsylvania Dutch), Czech, and Polish, halushki and German potato salad.

From the brother who climbed inside my play stove and had it fall forward so he couldn't get out, the friends wanting to surprise me with a going-away party at school at the same time there was a dance and I was too afraid to go, the drawing of "Welcome Home" posters for Dad when he would come home from sea duty.

I am from old-school albums tucked with mementos of the whole family from beginning to present, newspaper clippings, and locks of baby hair. From photos of school friends tucked away in boxes intermingled with notes passed during school, ticket stubs, and playbills.

From Mom's never-ending sacrifice to always do what is needed for her family, putting her family before herself always, and Dad's never-ending quest to provide for his family that he loves so very much although he doesn't tend to show it often. From a family that I hope to emulate whenever I start my own.


  1. Love the part about the albums stuffed to the gills with mementos ... that happens here, too!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  2. I always at the marshmallows first, then I didn't want to eat the rest of the Lucky Charms. I wrote this same prompt. It's been great to read all of them.

  3. Love reading about where you're from.  I chose the same promtp. I found it harder than I thought it would be!

  4. Tiny bones and big noses. That worked out really nice! Beautiful poem! I so enjoy reading these!


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