November 19, 2011

S & N Update: Addition Walls and Roof

Walls are going up! This took Mr. M less than a week with only several workers to help. They are some great workers!

Stick built rafters. No trusses here.

The addition really suits the house rather nicely. It appears to have been something that would have been in the original plans when the house was built. I am very pleased with that, as is the homeowner! One of my biggest pet peeves when people add on to their homes is not considering their home's architecture and style. I have seen many additions that look like they just decided to slap something on and it stands out like a sore thumb. Yuck, yuck, and yuck!

Next steps: windows and doors, hvac and electric, fireplace installation, drywall and paint, and installation of floors (I think they're going hardwood). I am hoping Mr. M gets some great interior before and after photos! This is so exciting for S & N Construction! I'll keep you updated when there is more progress. Yay!

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