December 26, 2011

Wear I Work - Grey Green

T-shirt: Target, Sweater: The Limited, Jeans: Martin & Osa, Booties: Rampage, Necklace: Premier Designs

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I may be posting a bit about my Christmas a little later, but for now I'll just continue with the usual Wear I Work post.

It really doesn't seem normal for me to stick with only two colors per outfit. But, it seems that I have been doing that lately. And, despite my love for color, I am really starting to enjoy outfits that are much simpler in the color department. This outfit is one of them. And the last outfit was one of them, too.

Normally, I like to keep this sweater on the dressier side, but on this particular day, I wanted something that would be work appropriate, yet somewhat casual. Having a piece like this sweater that you can dress up or down is crucial for my closet. It allows you to limit the amount of clothing you have, but your outfit options are limitless!

On a side note, Mr. M affectionately calls this necklace my 'Mister T. Starter Kit'. Gotta love husbands.

Do you have a favorite dress up/down piece?

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December 22, 2011

New Facebook Page!

I have no idea why I did not think of this sooner, but I now officially have a Facebook page officially for Power Tools and Thread. I am still working out a few kinks, such as getting a nice general profile picture and just figuring out how the whole thing works. So, please bear with me in these early stages! In the meantime, head on over and 'Like' it!

December 21, 2011

Wear I Work - Subtle Animal

Sweater: New York & Company, Skirt: Unknown, Shoes: Nine West, Tights: Target, Belt: Unknown

You can't really see it in this picture, and I have not gotten good at taking detail photos yet, but there is a subtle animal print on the tights I am wearing. Considering that the rest of my outfit is rather conservative, the tights made me feel a tad like living on the edge. I'm such a rebel.

I am still afraid of trying colored tights. Don't ask me why. I'm sure the answer is something purely irrational. These animal print tights are as different as I will get right now. And I am happy with that.

Do you like to wear colored/patterned tights? I'd love to see how you wear them!

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Nine West, Capezio, Mango, Merona

December 19, 2011

Wear I Work - Stripes of Sun and Shirt

Top: Old Navy, Sweater: Target, Jeans: New York &Company, Shoes: Target, Belt: thrifted
I came home a bit late from work this day, and I was hoping I would still have some good light. Little did I know it was the perfect time for the setting sun to stream in and blind me while I tried to capture a decent photo.

This was a casual work day for me so I made the most of it and wore practically every item in my closet that I thought was most comfy. I think it worked out rather well. Granted, a tightened my belt a little too tight at first, which definitely was not comfy. But, that was quickly remedied.

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December 16, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's Friday already?! I don't know about you, but this holiday season feels like it is just flying right on by! Then, I think about the whole year, and that has flown by, too!


1. My most favorite "little" thing is - a carved wooden pig that Mr. M's grandmother gave to me not long before she was diagnosed with cancer. She and I took to each other very quickly and it was always a joy to be with her. She knew I loved pigs, and she had seen the one she gave me at a local shop and knew I'd love it.

2. I'd give anything to - go back to sleep right now. I went out with several girls from work last night for a Secret Santa evening, and I did not get home until much, much later than what I am used to. I do not function well on little sleep.

3. I can't believe - it's almost Christmas already!

4. The one thing I'd like to achieve today is - some semblance of work before this afternoon's holiday party.

5. The last thing I want to do today is - some semblance of work.

6. If I were writing my own blank today, it would say - "My favorite Christmas treat is..."

7. My favorite candle scent is - anything with natural, musky scents like sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and vanilla. Okay, so vanilla isn't musky, but when it is combined with other scents in my list, it is absolutely fabulous.

December 14, 2011

Wear I Work - Green Flash

Top: Martin & Osa, Sweater: Target, Skirt: Banana Republic, Boots: Old!, Belt: Unknown
This is not the most flattering of poses. But, it was the best picture I could get using artificial light and still not knowing much about white balance, ISO, and aperture on my camera. Every other photo was blurry or just plain weird. This was the least weird out of the bunch.

I am just overwhelmed by the amount of weirdness in this photo that I really can't comment too much. I just thought it would be a good idea to pair a bright green with a predominantly black outfit. I think it worked out pretty well, and I somehow managed quite a few compliments at work. That's an A in my book.

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December 13, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas decorations are officially out at our house! Mr. M and I decorated our tree and set out a few other small Christmas decorations. Originally, we were not even going to put up our tree since we wouldn't be home much to enjoy the decor. But, the Christmas spirit got the best of me. Plus, I had bought a tree topper and some new ornaments at Target's after-Christmas sale last year, so I was itching to add them to what we already had.

I love keeping our Christmas tree somewhat whimsical. Besides the true meaning of Christmas, it is also all about awe and wonder and always feels so magical. I have to reflect that as best I can with our tree! Besides, when I was a little girl, my aunt would send my brother and me a new Christmas ornament every year. Over time, we had our own little collection that we could use when we left home. There is no way I could never use those ornaments, as they all mean a little something to me.

Following is a photo of our tree and a tour around it showing some of my favorite ornaments. I hope you enjoy!

Our purdy tree.
The angel lounging on the moon was my very first Christmas ornament. And the cuckoo clock was always one of my favorites. 
This is a new favorite. Very new. I bought it from Crate and Barrel just a few weeks ago. I love how the whale has 'water' shooting from his spout.
Do you remember the old woman that lived in a shoe? She had so many children, she didn't know what to do! Do you see the one climbing while hanging on to a shoelace?
I love little woodland friends. This was bought last year during Target's after-Christmas sale.
A weather bird! I love birds and my degree is in meteorology, so how suitable is it to have this little guy? He's a cutie in his little rainhat!
Mr. M bought this ornament for me for our first Christmas together. It lights up and plays 'Once Upon A Dream'. How fitting since Mr. M is my 'Prince Charming'!
Mr. M builds stuff, so I had to get him a Bob the Builder ornament one year.
This ornament dates back to sometime in the 1980's. It's like my own personal igloo dollhouse!

Every year I have to set up my little Nativity scene. This year it resides on our coffee table. I bought the candleholder in the background for a mere 2 dollars at this crazy sale they had in NC that I went to with my mother-in-law. It is big enough to hold a full-size Yankee Candle, but versatile enough to hold smaller candles, too. And I can take the snowflake insert out and just use the frosted glass for non-Christmas times.

I received this little guy one year during high school. I group of us from the choir visited a home for those with physical and mental disabilities and sang Christmas carols for everybody. My own special 'Elf on a Shelf' was made by one of the residents. I treasure him bunches!


Do you have any special Christmas decorations that you hold near and dear to your heart? I would love to hear about them!

December 12, 2011

Wear I Work - Nixy Necklace

Top: The Limited, Jeans: New York & Company, Boots: Nine West
Sorry for the grainy picture. That's what happens when the sun starts to set way before I get home and I hate using artificial light. It's a good thing there is not a lot of detail to this outfit. Although it is simple, this outfit is a great casual work outfit, especially when including trouser jeans.

My necklace was a little nixy this day. Nixy = mischievous. Do you run into issues like this with long necklaces? It is seriously a pain in the butt for me, especially since I work with predominantly men and the last thing I want is them to notice my necklace is wrapped around my boob. "Hi! I would like you to treat me as an equal, so please just ignore the emphasis around my boob at the moment!"

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December 9, 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday

This week just seemed to crawl for me. And, that is probably because I am highly anticipating next week and the following weeks through the holidays. Next week, a few girls from work are getting together for a Secret Santa dinner and the following day will be my company's holiday party. So much fun ahead! And that will all be kick-started with gift-wrapping, Christmas songs, and the creation of yummy treats over the weekend. I can't wait!


1. Love is - more than just a feeling. It is a decision to be fully devoted and care for a person no matter what their faults. It is magical. It is steadfast. It takes work. And it's all worth it.

2. Being in love feels like - big, bear hugs. And more than that, but it is not something that I can really put into words. It is incredible, though.

3. My favorite quote about love is - 'Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.' (Colossians 3:12-14)

4. The most important thing in a relationship is - Among the usual ones including honesty, devotion, and such, I feel that a huge part of a relationship, especially a relationship that will work, is compromise.

5. A 'deal breaker' for me in a relationship is - dishonesty and selfishness.

6. The way I show love in my relationship is - doing the little things that I know Mr. M will love, like making a fresh pot of coffee before he gets home from work, cooking his favorite meal when he least expects it, sneaking in hugs at unexpected moments. Also, words of affirmation are always awesome.

7. I love - Mr. M, of course!

Join in the fun with Lauren! And have a fabulous weekend!

December 8, 2011

Wishlist Totally Unrelated to this Blog, But That's Okay!

Sydney over at The Daybook inspired me to share a holiday wishlist this year after posting a simple one of her own. Granted, I keep a wishlist throughout the year normally just to remind myself of things I have spotted that I would like to maybe have someday. It's never really anything serious, but I have learned that it really comes in handy for Mr. M and our families for Christmas.

So, keeping up with all of the Christmas and holiday-related posts, I am debuting my wishlist for this year. It really has nothing to do with clothing except for athletic stuff, but that is purely because I think I have more than enough clothes and this blog is to help me work with what I have.

Holiday Wishlist 2011 - collage created with Letters, numbers, and star created with
  1. I have always loved these little hand soaps. How random would it be to walk into somebody's bathroom to have their soap look like little hands?
  2. These prints are adorable! I have always had a thing for cute, little, furry critters. To have them featured in such charming environments with little crowns and such is just the best thing ever. Each print can also be bought individually.
  3. Since I have been meaning to run a lot more often, I can't stop running just because it gets cold. I have been using those cheapy, knit stretch gloves when I go running, but they definitely are not enough. These gloves should do the trick!
  4. My mom is awesome at keeping track of everybody's birthdays. Me? Not so much. But, that is one thing that I will have as a resolution for next year. I must get better at keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries. What better why to do that but with a perpetual birthday calendar?
  5. I got a free sample of this perfume not too long ago, and it has quickly become my favorite. And Mr. M's, too.
  6. I have absolutely no outdoor space. Well, wait. I lie. I do have outdoor space which is just a back deck, but I have no room in said outdoor space to do anything, not even sit a chair out there. It is officially Mr. M's gasoline-powered machine storage space. It does not make for pleasant bird-watching or soaking up the sun while reading a good book. I have always wanted to grow plants, so I thought this book might help me with my lack of good outdoor space.
  7. I have Just Dance 2 and have tons of fun with it. And when I don't feel like going out into yucky weather to run, I just play it for a good while to get my sweat on. I would love Just Dance 3 to add on to the fun!
  8. A book about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. What more can I say?
  9. Personalized stationery. I want to get into the habit of sending notes via snail mail. I think it is incredibly fun to find notes and cards in the mail, so I am sure everybody else may enjoy it just as much as me.
  10. I love piggies. And I have been badly wanting measuring cups that don't drive me crazy and aren't ugly. I think these piggy measuring cups fit the bill.
  11. I love jewelry. And, being a meteorologist, I love anything that is weather-related. How cute is this sun and cloud necklace?
  12. Back to running in the cold. I already have one running shirt similar to this, but if I run more often, I will need more than one. Unless I wear the same stinky one all the time. Or do laundry every day.

So, what do you have on your wishlist?

December 7, 2011

Wear I Work - Ruching is Your Friend

Top: Sears, Pants: The Limited, Shoes: Very old
Have you ever wandered into a store that is not one you normally frequent? I did that the other day when I walked into Sears. I felt I needed a fresh approach to the clothing I look for. On that particular day, I was looking for some basic sweaters that I could dress up or down. Plus, I needed to find a bathroom and Sears was the closest.

When I first looked at this sweater on the rack, I immediatly noticed the ruching across the stomach area. The sleeves looked a tad small, but I loved the color and ruching is definitely my friend. I tried it on and was instantly smitten with it. I wore it to work no long after, and it is now one of my co-worker's 'favorite' sweaters. 

So, how is ruching your friend? Ruching is remarkable at hiding things you ordinarily do no want exposed. For ladies that are self-conscious about their stomachs, ruching across the stomach hides everything and, depending on how the rest of the piece of clothing is cut, will create the illusion of a slim and trim waistline. And what lady does not want that? 

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December 6, 2011

So Proud of my Brother!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my family hosted a belated graduation party for my brother since they knew Mr. M and I would definitely be in town. My brother had just recently graduated from the Valley School of the Healing Arts with all kinds of credentials in massage therapy. To celebrate his graduation and all of the obstacles he had to overcome to get to where he is today, my parents invited friends and family to celebrate on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

The cake was white. Not sure how it looks pink here.
This cake was bought through the local grocery store's bakery. It wasn't really a cake that I thought suited my brother's graduation, but there really isn't too much to choose from where my parents live. My mom told me that they had asked what he had graduated in, so she told them massage therapy. Then they asked her if she would like them to add hands for an extra 9 dollars. She quickly declined. I told her she should have because we could have potentially made it into Cake Wrecks fame. Could you imagine hands on the cake above? That would have been hilarious! And, I would have thought they would have made it less 'girly', but I'm not the baker now, am I?

"My, you are rather stiff."
I had to include this photo (above). My mom bought this sculpture for my brother last year, and she just had to use it on a little table she set up to display all of his certificates (below). For privacy's sake, I blurred out his name.


It was really nice to see a lot of family I had not seen in a while. And it was also nice to meet some of my brother's friends and interact with them. One of his good friends found my dad's guitar case sitting in a corner and pulled it out to start playing a bit. My dad had not pulled it out to play in a long time, so it was nice to see him go upstairs and come back down with his 12-string to play along.


This photo is one that I will probably treasure for a long time. My dad and brother are very alike in a lot of ways and as a result they really have a hard time getting along. This night was an incredible night, not only because we got to spend time with friends and family, and listen to music, but also because my dad and brother had a great time together. 

I know the whole day completely overwhelmed my brother. He was so amazed at how many people came by to congratulate him and show their support. My brother is one special person and I know he will go far in life. It may be a slow start, but you have to start somewhere!

December 5, 2011

Wear I Work - The Blues

Top: Kohls, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Aerosoles
I'm not one to normally go monochromatic. I just have to have my color. But, every once in a while it is nice to do something a little different. Such was the case with this outfit. Normally, I would have paired a brightly colored top with this skirt, but then I considered the grey heels I just bought and had to figure out what top would work with both the skirt and the shoes.

The top was a rare find from Kohl's and quickly became a favorite. I don't know why, but I feel it is not as versatile as I had hoped it would be. Nevertheless, it is that simple top that likes to make the outfit, which is fine by me.

On a side note, did you know going monochromatic tends to provide a slimming effect? Give it a shot sometime, you will not be let down!

Do you usually like to stick with a monochromatic scheme? Or do you love punches of color? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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December 3, 2011

Award-Winning Something

It is always nice to find out that somebody appreciates the things you do, however big or small they may be. This blog has always just been an outlet for me, not really expecting very many readers. To know that my readership has grown from maybe just one to 20-30 depending on the day makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. And then, I was even more warm and fuzzy when sweet Cambria from Jupe chose me as one of her fave blogs to receive lovely blogging awards!

So, as a recipient of such fine awards, here are the details regarding them:
  • Link back to the darling blogger you got the award from.
  • Write 7 random things about yourself.
  • Fill in the question form below.
  • Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know.
7 Random Things About Me
  1. I am constantly seeing 11:11 and 1:11 in the most random places and at the most random times. A friend's watch, an inspection sticker on a car, in commercials, license plates, and so on... (Update: And when I went to schedule this post, the time already set by default, meaning the time I started writing this post, was 11:11 AM!)
  2. I write with my pen/pencil resting against my ring finger. Apparently, this is not the norm.
  3. I absolutely adore piggies, frogs, and turtles of all kinds. Pigs always look like they're smiling and they are incredibly cute when they wag their tails!
  4. I am intrigued by insects. If I find a new one in my house, it is no strange sight to see me catch it in a jar and study it for a while before I let it go somewhere outside.
  5. I love crafty, DIY things but never feel crafty enough to make them myself. I feel rather intimidated by them!
  6. I sang all through school and some of college. It was nothing for me to have a solo in a choir concert and perform in school musicals. And some of my all-time favorite memories came from being involved in a barbershop quartet for several years. I loved being a singing telegram for Valentine's Day!
  7. I would love to go back in time and see how things used to be in various parts of the country. And I am fascinated with historical architecture and old photos.
Question & Answer = fun!
  1.  Name your favorite song. - I'm like Cambria. I really don't have a favorite. It all depends on my mood. I could listen to anything from Sarah McLachlan (especially her Wintersong album!), various Christian artists, 2 Skinnee J's, old-school rap and hip-hop, piano compositions, and so on.
  2. Name your favorite dessert. - There was this lemon custard dessert from a now-closed restaurant close to where my parents live. That was my favorite while it still existed. Now I'd have to go with just about anything that involves custard. Or lemon!
  3. What pisses you off. - There's only one thing I can think of, and I have already climbed across a table to get in somebody's face about it. That is talking smack about my family. Otherwise, I'm pretty easy-going and do not get mad too easily.
  4. When you're upset, you... - I crawl into my own personal hole.
  5. Your favorite pet? - In general, puppy dogs! More specifically, it's a toss-up between Gracie (my cute little Spaniel/Border Collie mix that I had to let go of) and Rusty (my parents' Pom who just plain got old).
  6. Black or white? Can I say grey?
  7. Your biggest fear? Succumbing to any/all diseases that I have to check off on a doctor's family history checklist. I literally have to check almost all of them. Now I strive to eat healthy and exercise to decrease any chances.
  8. Best feature? - Is it weird that I never really thought about this? If I do think about it, I'm consistently most happy with my hair. So I'll say my hair.
  9. Everyday attitude? - I am always open to anything that may pop up throughout the day. I understand that there is a meaning to everything, however big or small. And I am open to love anybody I encounter, friend or stranger.
  10. What is perfection? - I haven't quite discovered it, yet. I really don't feel there is anything perfect on this earth, and that is the beauty of it all.
  11. Guilty pleasure? - Lucky Charms!
And the blogger award goes to...

Outfit 31 for her brilliant way to share outfit ideas and always sharing God's love. She lives in the same state as me, too! We must meet up for bloggy coffee sometime!

In Honor of Design for her fabulous sense of style, creativity, and wonderful personality. And she put together a gorgeous gift guide!

A Design Story for her knack for interior design and the courage to grow her own business. She has such a pretty blog that always provides inspiration.

life of love for the wonderful features she has on her blog. I'm pretty new to her blog, but it has become a fast favorite. Plus, she shares in the fun on Fill in the Blank Friday, too!

Kendi Everyday for the awesome ways she puts outfits together. And I love how she shows from where each piece came. It takes long enough for me to just upload and slightly modify my photos, let alone add info in cute fonts to them!

Bun on the Rise for being a great real life friend and creating a slightly 'crunchy' blog that always provides great information and inspiration. And I say 'crunchy' in a very endearing way!

Hello, Friend for having one of the prettiest blog I have ever seen. She always provides beautiful inspiration, great deals on handmade items, and just recently great style posts.

jones design company for being a truly inspiring place on the web. From lovely printables, great features, and lots of Christian inspiration, it's a blog that I truly love to visit!

I hope you all had more fun learning about me. I don't do personal posts too often, so it was fun to do something a little different. 

December 2, 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday

I'm baaack! I surely missed you all over the Thanksgiving holiday and this past week. My Thanksgiving was fabulous, having spent it with my family and getting the chance to see some aunts and uncles that I don't see very often.

Outfit posts will be back next week. I have some older photos that I will be posting, so I'm sure they won't reflect how cold it has gotten here recently. They're still plenty fun, though!


1.  The holiday season is -a great time to reflect on all of the things you're thankful for and really appreciate your friends, family, where you are in life, and any blessings along the way. Granted, you should appreciate those things throughout the year, but it always seems to be magnified when the holiday season rolls around.

2.  Snow makes me - shudder at the thought of stepping out into it when there is a lot of it. When it is freshly fallen and everything seems so serene and glittery, that is when I appreciate it the most. And I appreciate it a lot when I don't have to go out into it and Mr. M does all the shoveling for us and our neighbors.

3.  The best comfort food to eat when it's cold out is - corn and kielbasa chowder. And hot coffee with fun flavors. And warm cookies. And hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows.

4.  Winter is the best time for - snuggling under comfy blankies, sipping on hot beverages, and cuddling with Mr. M. It's also the best time for catching colds and investing in lots of tissues!

5.  I can hardly wait for - the Secret Santa exchange with a few girls from work, my work holiday party (my first time going), and traveling South to see Mr. M's family for Christmas.

6.  When it comes to holiday gifts, I prefer to - try to find something as unique and different as possible. I love trying to put a lot of thought into what I give each and every person. Unfortunately, some of the things I would love to buy for others are way out of my budget!

7.  If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about a - 7 or 8. I am so excited for all of the fun activities and visiting to come. I am not so excited about the over-commercialization of Christmas and the over-abundance of toy commercials on television.

Have a wonderful weekend! Christmas decorations are going up, so I am hoping to have some pretty photos to share some time next week. Decorations make me happy!
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