December 8, 2011

Wishlist Totally Unrelated to this Blog, But That's Okay!

Sydney over at The Daybook inspired me to share a holiday wishlist this year after posting a simple one of her own. Granted, I keep a wishlist throughout the year normally just to remind myself of things I have spotted that I would like to maybe have someday. It's never really anything serious, but I have learned that it really comes in handy for Mr. M and our families for Christmas.

So, keeping up with all of the Christmas and holiday-related posts, I am debuting my wishlist for this year. It really has nothing to do with clothing except for athletic stuff, but that is purely because I think I have more than enough clothes and this blog is to help me work with what I have.

Holiday Wishlist 2011 - collage created with Letters, numbers, and star created with
  1. I have always loved these little hand soaps. How random would it be to walk into somebody's bathroom to have their soap look like little hands?
  2. These prints are adorable! I have always had a thing for cute, little, furry critters. To have them featured in such charming environments with little crowns and such is just the best thing ever. Each print can also be bought individually.
  3. Since I have been meaning to run a lot more often, I can't stop running just because it gets cold. I have been using those cheapy, knit stretch gloves when I go running, but they definitely are not enough. These gloves should do the trick!
  4. My mom is awesome at keeping track of everybody's birthdays. Me? Not so much. But, that is one thing that I will have as a resolution for next year. I must get better at keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries. What better why to do that but with a perpetual birthday calendar?
  5. I got a free sample of this perfume not too long ago, and it has quickly become my favorite. And Mr. M's, too.
  6. I have absolutely no outdoor space. Well, wait. I lie. I do have outdoor space which is just a back deck, but I have no room in said outdoor space to do anything, not even sit a chair out there. It is officially Mr. M's gasoline-powered machine storage space. It does not make for pleasant bird-watching or soaking up the sun while reading a good book. I have always wanted to grow plants, so I thought this book might help me with my lack of good outdoor space.
  7. I have Just Dance 2 and have tons of fun with it. And when I don't feel like going out into yucky weather to run, I just play it for a good while to get my sweat on. I would love Just Dance 3 to add on to the fun!
  8. A book about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. What more can I say?
  9. Personalized stationery. I want to get into the habit of sending notes via snail mail. I think it is incredibly fun to find notes and cards in the mail, so I am sure everybody else may enjoy it just as much as me.
  10. I love piggies. And I have been badly wanting measuring cups that don't drive me crazy and aren't ugly. I think these piggy measuring cups fit the bill.
  11. I love jewelry. And, being a meteorologist, I love anything that is weather-related. How cute is this sun and cloud necklace?
  12. Back to running in the cold. I already have one running shirt similar to this, but if I run more often, I will need more than one. Unless I wear the same stinky one all the time. Or do laundry every day.

So, what do you have on your wishlist?

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