July 27, 2011

Wear I Work - Slightly Warm for the Summer

Shirt: Daisy Fuentes @ Kohls, Jeans: Martin & Osa, Shoes: Lucky Brand, Belt: Old Navy (similar)
This shirt is a little longer than I am normally comfortable with. I feel like long shirts make my torso appear even longer, therefore making my legs look like they are only a foot long. I tried the belt to draw the eye upward towards my waist. I am not sure if it worked too well, but I was comfortable all day anyway.

I need to try to zoom in a bit more and lighten up these photos. I am noticing that I lose some detail. Any suggestions?

July 25, 2011

Wear I Work - More Casual

Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan: Old Navy, Jeans: New York & Company, Shoes: Diesel
This was a super-casual-I-feel-like-crap-so-I-don't-care-what-I-wear-to-work day.

July 22, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Come join in the fun with the little things we do!

1. One of my happiest moments ever was - my wedding day. Being surrounded by family and close friends to celebrate our love for each other and recognizing that God brought us together at the perfect time was something that I will never forget. It gives me the warm-fuzzies every time I think about it.

2. Summer is wedding season and weddings are - super fun! I love celebrating magical unions of two very different people. We just went to our neighbors wedding over the July 4th weekend and we were the anonymous couple that nobody really knew except for the bride and groom. It was so much fun to just let loose and not care what anybody thought and to not have our own family drama bear down on us! Not that we have a lot of family drama, but you know there is always something.

3. This summer - seems like it is lasting forever. And, is it just me, or do the days seem longer than ever before?

4. My summer food of choice has been - green smoothies and lots of fresh berries with whipped cream. Yummy!

5. My summer uniform has been - pretty casual when I am not dressing for work. Cropped pants, tank tops, and flip flops are what I am spotted in around the house and on weekends. Definitely not blog-worthy stuff.

6. If I could spend the entire summer in one location, I would choose - anywhere along a body of water where it is the perfect temperature. And it would be spent with my one and only person of choice, Mr. M! Okay, other friends and family could totally be there, too. I have never done it before, but I am totally yearning to go tubing down a lazy river!

7. My summer anthem is - non-existent. I have never had an anthem for anything in my life. How dull is that?

Interesting Little Guy (At Least To Me, Anyway)

As much as I hate bugs, I am also completely fascinated by them. If I find ants in the house, I watch them for what seems like hours before I get rid of them. I save earthworms squirming on sidewalks from certain death by the sun. If a bug does not seem too menacing, I will get as up close and personal as possible just to observe. I watch spiders capture bugs in their webs. I even saw a cricket eat a spider.

Now I probably just completely grossed you out. And I grossed myself out by remembering that last bit. Blech...

Anyway, the other day I was sitting in our kitchen when I noticed something that looked like a bee flying around our back deck. That put me on high alert because just last year we had bees living inside our wall, and they would go in and out right next to our deck. So, I instantly thought the bees were trying to make a comeback. But, after I watched for a bit, the 'bee' landed on Mr. M's handtruck right in front of where I was sitting.


Okay, yuck. I did not realize how huge he would appear in this post. Regardless of yuck, I was totally intrigued by its wings and the fact that it really did not look completely like a bee. I was thankful to have a window between it and me, but was curious as to what this little critter was called. Enter Google image search.

It turns out that lovely lad (or lass) is a tiger bee fly. So, it is a fly and not a bee. Although when it does fly, it looks like a bee.

If you are interested in reading more about strange bugs I have encountered, check out my post about the Assassin bug that made not one, but two appearances in my home.

And this is probably the most random post ever.

July 20, 2011

Wear I Work - Living on the Wedge


Dress: Kmart, Belt: Target, Shoes: Shoedazzle.com
I was unsure of the shoes when I first bought them, but Shoedazzle.com has free shipping and returns, so if something doesn't fit, it is incredibly easy to return. They are surprisingly comfortable, too.

Shirt: Kmart, Trouser Jeans: New York & Company, Shoes: Shoedazzle.com

There's those wedges again. And can I say how much I love these jeans? Right now New York & Company only have crop jeans available, but I must say that every pair of regular jeans I have from them are wonderful! I even hemmed these myself without a sewing machine. I am so proud of myself! Especially since I have washed them several times now, and the hem has not come out! Yay for me!

July 19, 2011

This Bud's For You

Mr. M and I enjoy going for walks in the evening if it is not too overly hot. About a week or so ago, we took a longer walk than usual and passed by one of my favorite trees, a  mimosa tree. It was in bloom and the smell of its flowers was so intoxicating. Because Mr. M has the tall advantage, I asked him if he could break a small branch off for me so I could take some flowers home.
Mimosa flowers sure are strange, but they smell incredible! And those green clusters in the left part of the photo turned out to be buds. I had no idea until they started flowering!
This is how they looked when they started to open that very same evening. They were so interesting. And then, as they progressed further, it was amazing to see how straight the flowers become after starting out so curly.
Nature never ceases to amaze me!

July 18, 2011

Wear I Work - Pasty White

Dress: Old Navy, Sweater: New York & Company, Shoes: Target (similar)

I look happy. Maybe it is because I found my shoes on super-duper clearance and paid only $5 for them at Target. The dress is a simple tank dress that I have had for a few years now. It is not appropriate for work when worn on its own, but adding a cardigan makes it instantly work appropriate. I am not sure how appropriate for anything pasty white legs are with a black skirt.

July 15, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

I just recently found Lauren's blog, The Little Things We Do, and instantly fell in love with it. Not only is it gorgeous, but it has great content, too. She also does this fun thing every Friday called Fill In The Blank Friday, which I will start participating in officially today. It will be a great way for you to get to know me and Mr. M, and our usual thoughts on life and other random stuff. I have always loved fill-in-the-blank stuff, so this is right up my alley!

1. I am a (morning, evening, middle of the day person) - I am a mix of morning and middle of the day. I love the mornings when everything is sleeping except the birds, squirrels, bunnies, and other little critters. And when I go for morning walks/runs, I love passing houses that have the smells of breakfast wafting from them. As for middle of the day, that is the best time for me to work out and when I feel that I have the most energy. Plus, that is when I get home from work and so does Mr. M!

2. My favorite Pandora stations are - Is it bad that I don't use Pandora enough to have favorite stations?

3. 3 of my "must-have" songs for a road trip playlist are - Happy Girl by Martina McBride, Never Alone by Barlow Girl, and I Will Not Be Moved by Natalie Grant.

4. My favorite pattern is - a complex cross-stitch pattern!

5. My favorite perfume is - Right now I am loving Velvet Tuberose from Bath and Body Works (sadly discontinued, but I'm glad I have a big bottle). My all time favorite which I do not have any more than a sample of right now is Delices de Cartier in the Eau De Parfum.

6. Rules are - something that I never break. I have been that way ever since I was little. I can remember my mom telling me a story about a time when I was in preschool, and there was an open house for the parents. My teacher told us children to stay seated while she did something else. Over time, ever child got up to do something except me. And my mom said I just looked at them like they were doing the worst thing ever in the whole wide world then looked at her with that look asking her if it was okay if I got up, too.

7. My most overused phrase or punctuation is - Lately, it has been 'Chicken butt' in response to Mr. M's incessant 'You know what?'s.

July 13, 2011

Wear I Work - Big Girl Dress

Dress: Target, Sweater: Target, Shoes: Nine West (similar), Belt: unknown, Necklace: Premier Designs
I love, love, love this outfit. And, I love, love, love using belts whenever possible. I have a long torso and short legs, so anytime I can emphasize my waist and visually lengthen my legs, I will. This is one of my big girl outfits, so I must have had a meeting or something that day.

July 12, 2011

Anthracite Heritage Festival - Part Two

I believe the town my parents live in was founded in the late 1800's. Unfortunately, a lot of the old, original buildings have either been torn down or modified so much that they lack their original charm. I was happy to find out that one of the older buildings downtown, which really has not changed much, holds the local Masonic temple and was opened to the public. I did not know what to expect, but was super excited to see a historic building on the inside.
This was the main staircase in the building. It has no elevator as it was built long before elevators became commonplace. Check out that newel post! It was huge, and roughly the same height as my mom!
This is a view from the third floor looking down toward the lobby. The Masonic temple is located on the third floor and has something to do with three's. I am a little confused by their history and such, and because I really do not know much about it, I will just focus more on the gorgeous architecture.
I could not get over how much heavy woodwork there was in this place! This was probably a coat room/meeting room just before you entered the main temple.

And this is what I saw upon entering the temple. Gorgeous!
Again, you see three's. Three 'candles' in the center, three stairs leading up to each landing, and so on. Upon entering, we were greeted by a lovely man eager to tell us about the Masons. I was just chomping at the bit in hopes of being able to take some pictures and was utterly delighted when he said to feel free to take as many photos as we'd like.

I could not help but try to take photos of as much detail as possible. I hope you enjoy this mini photo tour as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!


Detail of front. Art is of King Solomon. Notice three lights above it.

Gorgeous detail. Check out that Key detail and the gargoyle. According to my brother, who reads heavily into all kinds of things, all of the details in the temple have some sort of meaning.

Corner detail.

View of the rear. My brother is talking to the guy on the right. I was in so much awe of the detail! And that ceiling is gorgeous!

One side of the temple, looking toward the rear.

Insane detail on the light fixtures, too!



Door detail.

Did I mention that I loved the ceiling???


July 11, 2011

Wear I Work - Casual

I'm making this a twice a week thing! I am having way too much fun with it.
Shirt: New York & Company, Sweater: Target, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless (similar)
I just bought this sweater not too long ago. And my co-worker has the same one. But, do you think I could find it online so you could shop for it? I am really in disbelief that it is no longer online. It is one of my favorites and I wear it all the time. I really hope it lasts a while...

Shirt: Target, Sweater: New York & Company, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace: Downeast Basics
There I go with a sweater in an odd color again. I found this one on clearance at New York & Company and had to have it. I love wearing brights.

July 8, 2011

Lovely Clouds

I love me some clouds. I guess being a meteorologist helps me appreciate them even more. They are ever-changing and so completely dynamic. You never know what you will see in the sky. Such was the case one early evening, shortly after a thunderstorm. I noticed the light outside was rather brilliant, so I stepped out my front door to see these beautiful clouds. We already get to see gorgeous sunsets from our front door, but adding clouds like these made me super-duper happy.
You see, these clouds are called mammatus clouds, and are typically found on the trailing edge of a thunderstorm. There are other ways they can form, but they are most commonly seen in association with storms. Ever since becoming a meteorologist, I have so yearned to capture these clouds. Living on the East coast among mountains and such really never afforded me the opportunity to see much of them. So, to have them just outside my front door made me so excited that I quickly grabbed my camera and took as many photos of them that I could. And, I also dragged Mr. M outside to see them, but he obviously did not share in my excitement. He just said something like, "Yeah, cool, they're neat." and walked back into the house.

July 6, 2011

Anthracite Heritage Festival - Part One

This is a rather belated post, but I had such a great time and had some great photos to share, so here is the post about some highlights of my Memorial Day weekend in all of its glory.

Mr. M and I spent our Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania with my family. It had been a while since we had seen them, so it was nice to have the long weekend to enjoy with them. Most of the weekend for Mr. M was a work weekend, as he helped my dad fix the front porches on the duplex he rents out. While Mr. M and my dad were working, my mom, brother, and I enjoyed relaxing and spending a little time at their town's Anthracite Heritage Festival.

There was a record 115 vendors at the festival along Market St., which is one of the prettier streets in town.
The local newspaper mentioned there would be ethnic food, but I was not surprised that it would only be ethnic to those who were not familiar with the area. For me, it was the usual fare; pierogies, funnel cakes, halushki, kielbasa, and so on. I thought it was rather comical.

One of the highlights of the festival was a train ride on a historic passenger train to a neighboring town and back.
My mom and I sat in the air-conditioned car, but with such a beautiful, cool morning, it actually turned out to be warmer than the non-air-conditioned cars. We enjoyed it, nevertheless. And here we are before embarking. I must put it on record that when it comes to trains, I am a total kid in a candy store. I got so excited when Mr. M and I drove into town and saw the train sitting on the tracks that Mr. M could not get over how silly his wife was acting.
Isn't my mom so pretty?
Here are some photos of the train, both inside and out.


Air-conditioned car. The seats could flip back and forth so you could sit just two together or a group of four facing each other.
Non-air-conditioned car. The luggage racks above the seats were very narrow and are way too small for most today's luggage needs.
And around a curve we go...

I will highlight my favorite part of the festival in another post, the local Masonic temple that was opened up for tours to the public. The architecture was gorgeous! Just you wait!

July 4, 2011

Wear I Work - Slightly Blurry and Dark

Dress: Downeast Basics, Sweater: New York & Company, Belt: Target, Shoes: so old I don't remember where I got them

I am still trying to get the hang of using my camera on the tripod. I am a bit blurry today. But, I cannot depend on Mr. M to take my photos everyday because:

  1. He is usually home several hours after I get home and by then I am in my comfy clothes for the night.
  2. He loves taking pictures of ceilings and sky, so I'd probably never have any feet.
  3. I really don't think he cares if I take photos to post on my blog. He has other things to do anyway.

The dress is fantastic. Downeast Basics has some great basic pieces as well as some really pretty and inexpensive dresses. I am always trolling their site to see what they have added. 

Shirt: Target, Sweater: The Limited, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Lucky Brand

I still haven't decided if love the sweater. It is very comfortable, but I always find myself fussing with the tie and wondering if I should replace it with a belt.

Shirt: Target, Sweater: Target, Jeans: New York & Company, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Downeast Basics

Not much to say about this outfit. I love the shirt and it is wonderful to wear on warm days. I am also a huge fan of cardigans, especially oddly colored ones. I am on the hunt for a nice blue one, but have not yet found one that I am happy enough with to bring home.

I also need to figure out how to get more light down towards my feet. I am noticing it is darker there and it is hard to see my shoes sometimes. Something to improve upon...

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